10 Interesting Psychological Studies That Are Mind-Boggling

The human mind is a mystery that we keep solving in parts. One of the vastest subjects is psychology as every human being is wired differently and everything is interpreted by them in a different way.

Every now and then research is conducted in this field. A lot of studies are published on various platforms that provide us with an insight into the human mind. Here are some of the recent interesting ones:

1. We tend to forecast the future prospects of other people much more accurately than our own. This is because when it comes to the self, we are more visually biased.

2. We tend to feel more satisfied in a relationship when our partner offers us emotional support rather than telling us what to do or offering solutions.

3. We don’t fall in love at first sight with another person. The “love” we feel is actually just physical attraction.

4. By spending just 3 months in prison, people experience a significant decrease in self-control and their attention levels deteriorate. They become more prone to risk-taking and their capacity for planning increases.

5. Persistent poverty can cause reduction brainpower upto 13 IQ points as it stresses the brain too much and causes a drop in cognitive function.

6. We learn how to alter our behaviour to seek approval from others as early as the age of 2 years – that is even before we learnt to form a sentence.

7. The pollution levels in our environment directly impact our intelligence. Exposure to high levels of toxicity in the air around us is equal to losing a year of education.

8. We get more motivated by giving advice as opposed to by receiving it. So if you are helping someone else, you are actually helping yourself.

9. When in stress, our capacity to be able to process bad news increases, as “the optimism bias” disappears and we become more accepting towards bad news.

10. When it comes to judging the actions of others, we do not see them as they are but distort it according to our expectations.

Heer Khant
Heer Khant

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