10 Photos That Will Shock You & Move You Drastically

Photo: thehighdefinite.com

Sometimes photographs are epitomes of the harsh reality that we cannot decorate upon. Photographs do not lie.

Ever since the camera was invented, some of the most drastic moments in history have been captured by skilled photographers. Some photos have inspired revolutions, some have given us a window in the past that we should be thankful for.

This collection of 10 photos will shock you to the core:

1. This photograph of a vulture waiting for a malnourished child to die stirred the world. The photographer received an award for the click but was also heavily criticised for not helping the kid. He committed suicide later. (1992)

Photo: thecollectiveint.com

2. This one is the story of war. The Iraqi prisoner comforted his four-year-old son after he was scared to see his father in such a condition. He asked the guards to uncuff him so he could hold and comfort his son. (2003)

Photo: thecollectiveint.com

3. Thich Quang Duc, a Buddhist priest from South Vietnam, burned himself to death as he protested the government’s torture policy against priests. (1963)

Photo: thecollectiveint.com

4. A fireman rescued a Koala during the ‘Black Saturday’ bushfires in Victoria, Australia. (2009)

Photo: media.npr.org

5. A really young boy, Harold Whittles, heard a sound for the first time in his life through a earpiece. That expression!

Photo: thehighdefinite.com

6. The dog’s master died in the landslides of Rio De Janerio in 2011. When this photo was taken, it was the dog’s second day of waiting at its master’s grave.

Photo: 4.bp.blogspot.com

7. By a tornado in 2011, this family’s house in Alabama was destroyed. The mother comforts her son.

Photo: korabox.nu

8. A child gives a heart-shaped balloon to the riot police during the protests in Bulgaria, Romania.

Photo: i0.wp.com

9. A four-month-old baby miraculously survives after the tsunami and is rescued.

Photo: maverickvedam,files.wordpress.com

10. A girl isolated due to radiation exposure in Nihonmatsu, Japan, looks at her dog. (2011)

Photo: img.laughbombclub.com

Did any of the photos make you tear up?

Heer Khant
Heer Khant

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