10 Things About John Kennedy That Will Satiate The Curiosity In You

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John F Kennedy, the 35th President of the USA, was assassinated on November 22nd, 1963 in Dallas, Texas. Kennedy was on a political trip to Texas to resolve the issues between Democratic party members.

During the time of Kennedy’s Presidency in America, he had inspired optimism among the people with his actions.

Recently the current United States of America’s President Donald Trump has disclosed the files behind the assassination of the former President, but not all the files.

1) John F Kennedy always donated his salaries from the Congressional and Presidential post. At that time Kennedy was the richest man to take the oath for the Presidential post; his father had constructed a fortune for him. Kennedy always donated the salaries from both the posts in several charities.

2) Kennedy had secretly installed a taping system in White House, in the summer of 1962. The taping system was fitted in the Oval office and Cabinet Room and the tape recorder where the recordings went was in the basement of the White House.

3) John F Kennedy was the only President who has beaten death thrice before his Presidency. In 1947 on a trip to England Kennedy fell in the trap of Addison’s disease and had a year to live. In 1951 again Kennedy suffered extreme high fever travelling in Asia. Again in the year of 1954 Kennedy went into coma due to an infection after a surgery was done on him for his repeated back problems. Kennedy had health issues his entire life.


4) There was a reason why John F Kennedy had severe back problems. It was because his one leg was shorter than the other. To avoid the pain, Kennedy wore lifts in all of his left leg shoes.

5) When Kennedy put up a ban on the imports of the Cuban cigars, he himself brought 1200 high standard ones for him as he was a fan of cigars.

6) As per the statistical research conducted by the National Opinion Research Centre at the University of Chicago, 90 million people which is more than 50% population of the country, shed their tears after Kennedy’s assassination.

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7) John F Kennedy was an obsessed person, worried about his body weight all of the time. Wherever he travelled, he had a scale along with himself to keep a watch on his weight.

8) John F Kennedy was the only American President who died younger than any other of the Presidents of the country. Kennedy was born on May 29th 1917 and died on 22nd November 1963, when he was just 46.

9) John F Kennedy was the only President of USA who by caste was a Roman Catholic.


10) His assassin Lee Harvey Oswald was not arrested on the charge of killing JFK, the arrest was made on the charge of fatally shooting a police officer, 45 minutes after the death of Kennedy.

Information collected from various sources over the internet.

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