11, Sky Heights : Chapter 18

“Did Mohini call you before she was murdered?” Karan asked Omar Hassan.

Omar Hassan was taken aback by the sudden call. “Yes, she had called me.” He told Karan.

Omar thought that either Mohini told Karan that she was going to meet him or Karan was simply guessing.

Karan was not satisfied with Omar’s answer. He asked another question. “What did she talk to you about when she called you?”

“Mohini was offered a role in a film. She wanted to talk to me about that.” Omar lied thinking that Karan would believe what he just said but Karan did not.

“She didn’t talk to you about anything else Omar?” Karan asked again.

Omar was adamant about not telling the truth to Karan. After asking him a few more times, Karan got furious. He started speaking rudely with Omar but Omar did not lose his cool. Just then, someone called Karan’s name. Omar clearly heard it and recognized the voice. Karan grew uncomfortable after that and abruptly ended the call.

Omar was not surprised by hearing that person’s voice over the phone. He was surprised with the tone in which the person was taking Karan’s name. It was unusual and unexpected. He immediately called up someone from his cellphone and began giving information about the phone call he had just received from Karan Khanna.


“Nisha’s friend Rohan Saluja has tried to commit suicide. He slit his hand and is now admitted to Nanavati Hospital.” Inspector Shinde was telling Senior Inspector Joshi.

Joshi got irritated; not because Rohan had tried to kill himself but because he had not explored the possibility of Rohan Saluja being a suspect in the case. Rohan, Mohini and Nisha had been college friends. The only person who was closest to both Nisha and Mohini was Rohan.

Joshi asked Shinde to get all the information about Rohan Saluja. Within five hours, Shinde got back.

“Rohan was a rich spoilt brat who was madly in love with Nisha since their college days but was heartbroken after Nisha began dating Karan. His equation with Karan was rough, he thought that Nisha deserved better,” Shinde was telling Joshi.

“Nisha remained friends with him even after she became successful but his presence in her life was merely as an old friend and he did not like the fact that Nisha did not give him as much importance now as she used to during their college days…” Shinde continued.

“Then why did he try to commit suicide now and why not when Nisha started dating Karan? Was it because of Mohini’s death? Did he fall in love with her later?” Joshi asked. His questions were not directed at Shinde but he was actually asking himself.

“Did Saluja write a suicide note before he attempted suicide?” Joshi asked Shinde.

“No, sir. We haven’t found a suicide note.”

“What is his condition right now?”

“He is out of danger sir but is weak because of a lot of blood loss.”

“Shinde, we will have to question him. He may be able to tell us something about the case that we don’t know.”


“Chandni, I need some money”, the young lover of Chandni told her as they were lying on the bed just after having sex.

“Why do you need money again? I gave you one lakh just a few days ago!” she replied.

After Nisha’s death, Chandni was no longer insecure about her number one position in the Hindi Film Industry. Her career was shining brightly. Once again she was earning a lot and had been signed for a lot of films post Nisha’s death. There were many films that Nisha had signed which were now incomplete. The producers of these movies had hundreds of crores at stake. There was only one way of saving themselves from a huge loss and that was by signing Chandni to complete those films since Chandni and Nisha were lookalikes.

Initially, when Chandni got the offers to complete Nisha’s incomplete films, she flatly denied those roles. She refused to work as a ‘duplicate’ of Nisha. She was the number one actress and Nisha had achieved fame and success because she was her lookalike, so she would not sign a movie as Nisha’s substitute. But when the producers insisted and requested her to sign those films, she agreed but made them pay double the fees than she used to charge for a role in the movie. She knew that they will agree to give her whatever she quoted. She also wanted to teach them a lesson for choosing Nisha over her in the past.

Knowing that Chandni had got crores of rupees as ‘signing amounts’, her lover asked for money from her knowing that she will not refuse to give him the money. In the past too, Chandni had helped him financially. But now when Chandni asked him why he needed the money, he was speechless.

“Darling, there is an urgent need for money, that’s why I need it…” her lover said.

“I will give you the money only if you tell me why you need it. What is the urgent need?” Chandni was not in the mood to give in easily.

Her lover got furious and said, “Now I will have to give you an account of each and every rupee I spend?”

Chandni too got furious. Both of them had a heated argument over the matter. The lovebirds who had sex just some time ago were now fighting like cats and dogs.

“Don’t give me that bullshit. Just give the money. I need it.” Her lover firmly said.

“I will not give you the money now. Do what you want to do!” Chandni screamed at the top of her voice.

Her lover lost his patience. He took out a pistol and aimed it at Chandni’s forehead. Chandni was an inch away from death.

To be continued…

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Aashu Patel
Aashu Patel

Aashu Patel is a writer, who has written on a variety of genres ranging from crime to inspirational. 40 books written by him are published. He has worked as an editor of many leading newspapers. He has written many novels. Well-known film director Tigmanshu Dhulia is making a Hindi film based on his English novel 'Madam X'.

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