11, Sky Heights : Chapter 2


May 16, 2015,

11:45 p.m.,

Sky Heights

While the guests at Nisha’s party swayed to the music being played, superstar Vijaykumar came at the party along with his fiancé, Ashka. Vijaykumar was acting with Nisha in four different films. Karan and Nisha welcomed them heartily.

“Sorry for being late Nisha, I was at the party of Mr. Oberoi at J.W.Marriott. And you know how it is, once we go at a party, it is very difficult to leave.” Vijaykumar said while presenting a bouquet of orchids to Nisha.

Nisha didn’t mind him coming late at her party and said, “I am glad that you both could make it here. I hope you have a good time!”

Vijaykumar and Ashka happily mingled among the other guests at the party. Since Vijaykumar was at the peak of his career, everyone there thronged to him like  bees buzz around a honeycomb. Ashka was a little worried because Vijaykumar drank two pegs of his favourite Blue Label at the party they came from and he was infamous for creating scenes after getting drunk. Sometimes he used to get violent after drinking.

Ashka was a woman who preferred staying miles away from alcohol. After they spent some time with the other guests at the party, Nisha came up to them and asked the waiter to get Blue Label poured in a glass for Vijaykumar and asked what Ashka would like to have.

“She doesn’t drink, Nisha. My fiancé strongly disapproves of my drinking habit”, Vijaykumar said jokingly.

Ashka nodded in agreement and said, “Vijay, you have had enough for the day. This is your third peg! Don’t…” But before she could complete what she was saying, Vijaykumar noticed that Chandni too was present in the party and waved out to her, “Hey! Chandni! It’s so good to see you.” He walked away to meet her.

Ashka sighed. Nisha tried to reassure her, “Ashka don’t worry. He can handle himself.” Ashka smiled and both of them began talking about men and their habits while Vijaykumar spoke to Chandni.

Chandni felt more comfortable after Vijaykumar came at the party. She had acted with him in more than a dozen films and so they had become good friends. Vijaykumar spoke freely about different big shots of the Hindi Film Industry and criticized them in front of her. He was four pegs down by now and gradually he had started expressing.

“Nisha is looking so cute today, Chandni. She is a promising star…” he said while looking at Nisha laughing over a joke with her other guests.

Chandni understood that it was the alcohol and not Vijaykumar that was taking, so she gave him a short reply by saying, “Yes.” His words were rubbing salt in her wound. She did not want to hear anything more about Nisha but Vijaykumar went on speaking, “I want to share something with you”, he said.

Chandni looked questioningly at him. Nobody was around them at that time but Ashka was walking towards them from a distance.

“I love Nisha more than my life! But she loves that good for nothing bastard!” Vijaykumar blabbered a few more swears directed at the bastard, without taking the guy’s name. But before he could say anything further Chandni gestured him to look behind. Vijaykumar did not understand what Chandni was trying to say, so she raised her voice and said, “Hi! Ashka…”

Vijaykumar was startled, his fiancé came and stood right next to him. To prevent any doubt in the mind of Ashka told her, “I was just telling Chandni, that how important you are to me.” Vijaykumar didn’t know that Ashka had heard the last sentence about Nisha which he told to Chandni.


Nisha, Chandni, Karan, Vijaykumar and Ashka were standing in a corner of the terrace and chatting over random things. Vijaykumar cracked a joke to try and make everyone laugh. Chandni could understand that by cracking jokes he was trying to impress Nisha. Once again, she felt extremely envious of Nisha. She thought that a superstar of the Hindi Film Industry was trying to impress Nisha – a girl who was famous simply because she looked like her. But Chandni was not the only woman who was envious – Ashka too was jealous of Nisha. She hated her.

Vijaykumar’s contribution in Nisha’s career was not small. He used to insist the producers to cast Nisha opposite him in the film he was signed for. Many times he put a condition in front of the producers that only and only if Nisha is cast opposite him, he will act in the film. He had also confessed his love to Nisha. When the shooting of the film ‘Mujhe Pyaar Chahiye’ was going on at Mehboob Studios, Vijaykumar took Nisha on a drive in his posh car to Lonavla. At Lonavla, when it was raining, he had proposed her but Nisha did not accept his proposal.

While returning from Lonavla that day, Vijaykumar didn’t speak anything throughout the journey. Nisha tried to strike a conversation with him and to make him laugh but in vain. He was extremely upset. He thought that if he had desired, he could have called Nisha to a hotel room and had sex with her like he had done with many other top-notch actresses of the Hindi Film Industry including Chandni. But he loved Nisha truly. He did not lust her. He had exercised due caution to prevent any ill-feelings in Nisha’s mind for him and it was because of his polite behaviour that Nisha could dare to refuse his proposal. He tried to forget about his love for Nisha but he failed to do so repeatedly. He still could not let go of the desire to be in a relationship with her. But when Nisha fell in love with Karan, Vijaykumar got engaged to Ashka, who was the daughter of Mahesh Roy, who had a business empire of multi-million dollars. Ashka loved Vijaykumar but her love was one-sided.

“Nisha your acting in ‘Banjaara Dil’ was fabulous. I am sure you will win the best actress award this year”, Vijaykumar flattered Nisha.

“Thank you so much, sir. But I think there are more deserving actresses than me…” Nisha modestly replied.

“Nisha you will definitely win the award. I am sure about that. Just two years in the industry and you have caused shockwaves in everyone’s hearts!” Karan proudly praised Nisha in front of everyone and held her hand. Vijaykumar did not like when Karan touched Nisha’s hand or put his hand around her shoulder. His longing for Nisha was turning into an obsession.

While both the men praised Nisha, completely ignoring the presence of other women in the group, Ashka could not forget what she had overheard from Vijaykumar’s and Chandni’s conversation about Nisha. “I love Nisha more than my life”, these words kept echoing in Ashka’s mind. She looked at Nisha with extreme hatred and felt that Nisha was the only reason why Vijaykumar did not love her. Chandni could see the hatred in Ashka’s eyes for Nisha and just then, a dangerous thought crossed Ashka’s mind, which nobody could have ever imagined.

To be continued…

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Aashu Patel
Aashu Patel

Aashu Patel is a writer, who has written on a variety of genres ranging from crime to inspirational. 40 books written by him are published. He has worked as an editor of many leading newspapers. He has written many novels. Well-known film director Tigmanshu Dhulia is making a Hindi film based on his English novel 'Madam X'.

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