11, Sky Heights: Chapter 21

“I am so happy today, Omar,” Rashmi was happy to have expressed her feelings to him. She was relieved that Omar had not forgotten her.

They sat drinking beer for three hours and ended the evening with a quiet dinner. They told each other everything that had happened in the last two years when they were apart. Even though it was a beautiful evening for them, in the back of their minds, they were thinking about Nisha Narang and Mohini Sen. Omar did not tell Rashmi anything about the case and nor did Rashmi. They strictly kept their conversations personal.

When Rashmi reached home, she took a long shower and after a very long time, sang in the shower. She slept sound that night.


The next morning when Omar picked up ‘Daily Times’, he could see Rashmi’s face in the newspaper. He had felt attracted towards many women after Rashmi and he lost touch but never fell in love with anyone. He read Rashmi’s article and called her to appreciate the article.

“Rashmi, let’s meet tonight. If you don’t mind, I will come over to your house.” Rashmi smiled on hearing what Omar said. She thought what any woman would think when a man would ask to come over to her place but she didn’t know that Omar had something else on his mind.

“I will be back from work by 10, you come over then”, Rashmi readily agreed.

After disconnecting Rashmi’s call, Omar took out Nisha’s diary. He thought that there were so many things written in that diary that Rashmi would not have imagined in her wildest dreams!


Omar rang the bell of Rashmi’s apartment. In a few seconds, Rashmi opened the door. This was the first time Omar was coming to her house.

“You have such a beautiful house Rashmi. Everything in here personifies you,” Omar appreciated her taste.

“Thank you, will you have anything?” Rashmi asked.

“No, thank you. I am just fine.” Omar said as he sat on the sofa. He thought that even at the end of the day, Rashmi looked beautiful. He felt like kissing her but he controlled himself. He was here for something more important.

Rashmi came and sat beside him still in the misunderstanding that Omar had come there for physical intimacy. Omar understood it, so he immediately said, “Rashmi I am going to give you the biggest story of your career.” He suddenly said.

“What? What are you talking about?”

“I came to meet you here so that nobody overhears our conversation. And secondly, I wanted to avoid public glare.” Omar said. Rashmi understood that Omar didn’t have intentions of getting intimate with her. It was something else. She was curious.

“What is the story about, Omar? Come on, spill the beans!”

“Nisha Narang’s murderer has been unveiled.”

“What! How? What are you saying Omar?”

“I will tell you the entire story on one condition. I want credit for it”, Omar said teasingly.

“Definitely, this story will be printed with our joint byline in the ‘Daily Times’. It will be a new experience for the readers as well.”

Omar laughed slightly on hearing the offer of a byline and said, “No Rashmi. I want you to print my interview, with a huge photograph in colour.”

“Alright. But what is the story?”

“I won’t play any patience game with you. I will tell you the entire story within twenty-four hours but for now, I am giving you another story…”

Omar told her what he had in mind and Rashmi kept listening to him while staring into his eyes. She felt like she was getting lost inside them, bit by bit but the facts of the story kept her alert. Omar had told her to print four to five sentences just as he told her and Rashmi had agreed.

“I got it. But tell me what do you gain in this?” Rashmi asked him.

“I will tell you everything in twenty-four hours. Trust me.”


“I have to go now, see you tomorrow.”

“Listen, Omar, I need to tell you something…” Rashmi said as Omar got up to leave.

“Yes, tell me.”

“Nothing, I will tell you tomorrow…” Rashmi changed her mind and Omar agreed. He hugged her for a few seconds and left.


Chandni was sitting on the sofa of the commissioner’s bungalow. The commissioner used one of his rooms as his office. He ordered tea for himself and coffee for Chandni. Just then, his granddaughter ran into the office and asked for Chandni’s autograph.

Chandni happily signed it for her. Then, the granddaughter asked the commissioner to take her photograph with Chandni and the stern and powerful commissioner fulfilled his granddaughter’s wish. When she ran out the room happily, the commissioner looked at Chandni questioningly.

Chandni told him everything in detail, pointwise. She was in a calm state of mind that morning.

When Chandni was done talking to him, his cell phone rang. He spoke to someone for ten seconds over the phone. After he disconnecting the call and kept the phone on the table, within a few seconds a young man opened the door of his cabin.

“May I come in sir?” He said.

Chandni felt that the voice was familiar. She turned behind to look at the man’s face. She was shocked.

“Please come in officer”, the commissioner said.

Chandni felt that she was dreaming.

“Hello, Chandniji”, the young man greeted.

Chandni couldn’t speak – it was unbelievable for her!”

To be continued…

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Aashu Patel
Aashu Patel

Aashu Patel is a writer, who has written on a variety of genres ranging from crime to inspirational. 40 books written by him are published. He has worked as an editor of many leading newspapers. He has written many novels. Well-known film director Tigmanshu Dhulia is making a Hindi film based on his English novel 'Madam X'.

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