11 Sky Heights : Chapter 3


May 17, 2015,

12:30 a.m.,

Sky Heights

The numbers of guests were increasing at Nisha’s party –  more than half of the film industry was present. Nisha had invited only those people whom she admired and whose company she enjoyed. All the invitees eagerly accepted her invitation to come to the party and that was obvious because the Hindi Film Industry understood only one language – the language of success. And Nisha was at the peak of success. Her lavish penthouse was the proof of it.

Where thousands of Mumbaikars die with an incomplete dream of owning a flat of five hundred square feet, Nisha owned this lavish penthouse where her bedroom alone was of two thousand square feet. Many film stars, who can be called successful, live in a flat of one thousand five hundred to two thousand square feet in Mumbai. But when these film starts saw Nisha’s luxurious penthouse along with the the glasshouse, swimming pool and a small garden in her terrace, it made them turn green with envy.

Nisha lived with her father in the penthouse. Her mother had passed away due to cardiac arrest before she could see Nisha becoming a famous actress.

Many people in the Hindi Film Industry would be willing to go to any extent to achieve the success she had achieved. They would agree to have sex with the producers or actors whenever they were called for it, they would agree to expose their body parts on screen to attract the audience and some would even agree to kill someone else – all this for achieving money and fame!


As the party gained momentum, Nisha lost track of time. She completely got engrossed in talking to her guests and making sure that everyone had a good time. Just then, a young man came to her party. Nisha walked up to him in excitement.

“Rohan! It’s you! I thought you were not going to make it for my party!” Nisha spoke with excitement on seeing Rohan, her college friend.

“Nisha, it is your birthday! How can I miss it?” Rohan said as he hugged Nisha and wished her a Happy Birthday. Rohan was Nisha’s friend since the time they studied at the popular Mithibai College in Mumbai. As their friendship grew, they became very close friends. His father was a very rich industrialist.

“That is so sweet of you Rohan. Come on, I’ll introduce you to Chandni didi and all the others!”

As Nisha and Rohan walked to the corner where Chandni was sitting, they met Karan. The minute Rohan saw Karan, the colour faded off his face. Since the time Nisha and Rohan studied together, he loved her. He misunderstood Nisha’s friendship as love but when one day she had told him and their other college friend, Mohini about Karan, Rohan was heartbroken. He felt like someone threw him down the cliff from a height of ten thousand feet!

He waved a ‘hi’ to Karan and started walking faster so that he does not have to speak to him. Ever since the day, film director Karan had proposed Nisha, Rohan felt that Nisha deserved a better person than Karan in her life. He had warned her against him in the past but she was adamant in dating Karan. All these years had passed since their college but Rohan could not forget Nisha or even give up the hope of her.

“Chandni didi, just a minute please”, Nisha told Chandni so that she could introduce Rohan to her.

“Chandni didi, this is Rohan Saluja, son of industrialist Anshuman Saluja and my closest friend,” Nisha said as Chandni came and stood near her and Rohan. “And Rohan you know who Chandni didi is,” she continued.

“Nice to meet you Rohan”, Chandni eagerly greeted him. Rohan was a handsome guy, who could attract the attention of any woman. Along with being handsome, he was filthy rich. There was nobody in the industry who did not know the name of his father, Anshuman Saluja.

“Ma’am the pleasure is entirely mine,” Rohan smiled and returned the pleasantries.

“Chandni didi me and Rohan are friends since college. When I gave up studying to pursue modelling, he used to pick me up and drop me in his Esteem without complaining even a bit! He is such a sweetheart,” Nisha complimented Rohan in front of Chandni.

“Nisha, it’s nothing. Chandni ma’am, during our college days, we used to bunk our lectures to go and watch your movies. You were… I mean ‘are’ my favourite actress.”

Chandni noticed how he changed the words ‘were’ to ‘are’ so that he doesn’t sound rude to her. She simply smiled.

“You look so beautiful in reality as well…Nisha has to learn a lot from you yet,” Rohan winked at Nisha and continued praising Chandni as he knew that Chandni was Nisha’s role model. Chandni enjoyed the attention.

Karan called out to Nisha from a little distance. “Please excuse me, I think Karan needs to talk to me. You both have a good time, I’ll join you in sometime,” she said.

Rohan stared at Nisha till she walked up to Karan and his entire attention was focused on them. Somewhere at the back of his mind he thought that Karan purposely called out so that Rohan doesn’t get enough time to spend with her. Even today Rohan could not bear to see Nisha in the arms of another man, he used to think that only he has the right on Nisha – as if Nisha was some property.

“Hey, Rohan, where are you lost?” Chandni snapped her fingers as Rohan was lost in his thoughts about Karan and Nisha. She sensed that Rohan did not like that the couple was dating.

“I am not lost ma’am. I was just thinking about how lively the party is!”

“Come on join us. I will introduce you to Vijaykumar as well.”

Chandni took Rohan along with her where Vijaykumar and others were sitting and drinking. Everyone was enjoying but Rohan’s mind was fixed on Nisha. He felt like a thorn pierced his heart whenever Karan touched Nisha. He kept looking at both of them and was least interested in meeting or talking to anyone.

The past was flashing in Rohan’s mind. He remembered every moment he spent with Nisha and how they used to spend the entire day together all alone .He remembered how Nisha used to share her every sorrow or joy with him, making him feel like the most important person in her life. The memories of the day when Nisha told him and Mohini about Karan flashed in his mind – all he could remember is how numb he felt. It was the worst day of his life.

Suddenly, he was jolted back to reality as Mohini came up to meet him.

“Rohan! It’s been so long! How are you?” Mohini told Rohan as she was happy to see her old friends after a very long time.

“Mohini, I am so glad you are here. I am good, how have you been? Come on let’s go and meet Nisha.”

“Nisha sent me to call you. It’s time to cut the cake! Come on now!” Mohini dragged Rohan by his hand.

Everyone had gathered around a huge round glass table where a beautiful cake was specially made for Nisha. The cake with vibrant colours caught everyone’s attention. Mohini tugged at Rohan’s shirt and said, “This cake was a surprise for Nisha from Karan, how romantic!”

Rohan felt that someone pouring acid on his heart when Mohini said that. He watched Nisha as she blew the candle and cut the cake. He kept watching without singing or clapping his hands for Nisha as she put the cake in Karan’s mouth and Karan ate half of it, giving the other half to Nisha. He imagined himself to be in the place of Karan but that could not happen. He was overcome with pain and grief.

Rohan walked up to the bar in the terrace and drank three large pegs of Johnny Walker in a go, on the rocks. As he drank, he had a burning sensation in his chest but this burning was nothing compared to the burning he felt in his heart.

He looked at Nisha, hugging Karan at a distance and said, “Nisha, if you won’t be mine, I won’t let you be with anyone else!”

To be continued…

Aashu Patel
Aashu Patel

Aashu Patel is a writer, who has written on a variety of genres ranging from crime to inspirational. 40 books written by him are published. He has worked as an editor of many leading newspapers. He has written many novels. Well-known film director Tigmanshu Dhulia is making a Hindi film based on his English novel 'Madam X'.

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