11, Sky Heights : Chapter 5


May 17, 2015,

2:00 a.m.,

Sky Heights


Just like Chandni, Vijaykumar, Rohan and Nikhil, film producer Ajit Paliwal also had feelings of envy, anger and hatred towards Nisha. Nisha had starred as a heroine in his three films. He was chatting with Chandni, Vijaykumar and Mohini at Nisha’s party. Chandni too had starred in many films produced by Paliwal.


As some time passed, Karan and Nisha joined them. When Nisha was addressing Paliwal as ‘Sir’, something that happened two days ago flashed in his mind.


“Nishaji we have very well-written script, if we can get your dates then we can launch your new film with Kunal”, producer Ajit Paliwal put the proposal in front of Nisha in typical Bollywood language.

Kunal was his son and he was trying desperately to make him successful in the Hindi Film Industry. Previously, Ajit had produced two films with Kunal as the lead hero but both these films were a disaster at the box office.

“Thank you very much for your offer. But you know that my dates are booked for the next three years,” Nisha replied with as much sweetness as possible.

Nisha and Ajit both knew that if Nisha starred opposite Kunal then that film would be successful at the box office and that sole reason why Ajit was making the movie was to promote his son. He also knew that his son did not have the traits of a good actor. The entire industry laughed on him behind his back and Paliwal knew this but still he did not give up his desire to make his son a successful actor.

In spite of the fact that Nisha turned down his offer making an excuse of not having free dates, Paliwal did not lose heart. He told her, “Nishaji please read the script once; it is a woman-centric film…”

“Ok, fine. I will read and let you know.” Nisha gave a short and abrupt reply to end the conversation and changed the topic by asking about his wife’s health.

From Nisha’s tone, Paliwal understood that Nisha is not interested in signing a film opposite Kunal. He was disheartened and hopeless after Nisha’s refusal. He knew that Nisha had signed a dozen films and six of them were already on floor. But even then she used to accept when a A-league producer offered a role with a strong script but in his case, she did not.

Paliwal was angrier because it was his film which had made Nisha a star. He was the producer of Nisha’s first hit film, ‘Tere Ishq Me Sanam’ but it seemed like Nisha had forgotten all of that at that moment. When Nisha left after refusing the offer, Paliwal murmured to himself, “I am the reason why you are in the A-league Nisha. Your career would have gone down the drain if I didn’t produce that film and signed you.”

The same evening Nisha had called him up to invite him at her birthday party. Paliwal accepted the invitation even though he did not want to go to her party – he had to take the insult gracefully. Nisha’s refusal to accept his film was one of the biggest insult he had taken in his time in the industry. He knew that Karan was a major factor why Nisha had refused his offer in spite of knowing that he was doing the film to promote his son, Kunal. Paliwal had once replaced Karan as a director in one of his movies because of Karan’s behaviour with the other people on the set and because he had divulged the details of the movie that was being made, that had harmed the business of the movie. Since, then a cold war was on between the two.


“Sir, where are you lost? What are you thinking?” Nisha told Paliwal shaking him back to the present. Paliwal didn’t realize that he was standing amidst people and was lost in thought for quite some time.

“No, nothing, I just remembered about an urgent work that I had to do.” Paliwal replied defensively.

Inside, he was bursting with anger. Paliwal’s bruised ego was driving him furious. How could a newbie like Nisha dare to refuse his offer, especially when he was the reason for her spellbound success? Paliwal had a strong standing in the industry and if anyone would come to know about Nisha’s refusal, he would be mocked in the industry.

When he replied to Nisha’s question about what as he thinking, he thought, “I was thinking to get you and Karan both wiped off from the face of Earth! Just one phone call and you both would be found dead in an hour!”

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Aashu Patel
Aashu Patel

Aashu Patel is a writer, who has written on a variety of genres ranging from crime to inspirational. 40 books written by him are published. He has worked as an editor of many leading newspapers. He has written many novels. Well-known film director Tigmanshu Dhulia is making a Hindi film based on his English novel 'Madam X'.

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