11, Sky Heights : Chapter 6

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Chapter 6


May 17, 2015

2:15 a.m.

Sky Heights


After pretending to be interested in the conversation the group was having, Paliwal excused himself after some time and went to the other part of the terrace. He took out his cell phone and dialed a number.

After he disconnected the phone call, there was a revengeful smile on his face.


Film financer-producer Ranjit Wadhwa’s cell phone vibrated in his designer shirt’s pocket. He took out the cell phone and looked at the number flashing on the screen. On looking at the number, he excused himself from the dance floor and told the music director duo Sameer-Kareem that he will be right back. He spoke on the call for a while and then walked up to Nisha. He asked her to come to the side and whispered something in her ear. Then he gave his cell phone to her. Nisha took the cell phone and started to walk towards the door of her living room while talking on the phone.

Nisha’s beautiful and radiant face was now looking tensed. Paliwal noticed that and through her facial expressions he guessed whose phone call it would be. He knew that Nisha had refused to the sign the film that was being produced by Ranjit and he also knew that he had strong connections with the underworld. Ranjit had used these connections many a times in the past to get his work done and had given sleepless nights to many big names in the industry.

One of these big names was Paliwal himself. Two years ago, Paliwal had taken the money to make two movies from Ranjit but when the decided date to return his money passed and he could failed to give the money loaned along with the interest, Ranjit used his connections. Paliwal got a call from ‘Dubai’ and after that he had to mortgage his bungalow to return Ranjit’s money.

On noticing Nisha’s expressions, Paliwal understood that Nisha was talking to the ‘Don’ from ‘Dubai’. He predicted that now in a week, Ranjit would announce the film starring Nisha.

After the call was disconnected, Nisha gave Ranjit’s phone back to him and went to talk to Karan. She whispered something in his ear and Karan’s face looked stressed soon after. He attempted to mask his worry while talking to Nisha and after a few minutes both of them got involved with the guests once again.


Vijaykumar could not stand properly. He was completely drunk. He could not speak properly. Alcohol was his biggest problem. He could not manage without drinking; he had to drink every day. He had no control over his drinking and used to speak nonsense after drinking.  When drunk, he did not hesitate to beat someone up or get abusive. People tolerated his behaviour because he was a superstar but his fiancé Ashka, was getting increasingly frustrated over his behaviour.

Ashka was in a state of anger towards Vijaykumar and envy towards Nisha. But none of them bothered about it. Vijaykumar was uttering nonsense while talking to Chandni, but with great difficulty he managed not to speak a single world about Nisha in the presence of Ashka.


“Nisha…” Suddenly someone screamed and everyone’s attention turned towards the door of the terrace. Nisha’s father Mohandas was calling out to her.

Nisha did not like the way Mohandas called out to her; he was too loud and rude. Still, she went to him quickly.

“Yes dad…” she told Mohandas maintaining calm in her voice.

“Nisha I want ten lakh rupees tomorrow.”

Mohandas was completely drunk – he was an alcoholic.

“Dad, we will talk about this tomorrow, you have had too much to drink right now.” Nisha tried to talk politely with her father.

“What are you all doing – you all are also drinking! We will talk now, now!” Mohandas started screaming at the top of his voice, making a scene at the party.

“Dad, please…”

Nisha held Mohandas’ hand and took him to the living room. Nisha’s father did not do anything constructive in his life. He kept incurring huge losses in shares and he had already wasted lakhs of rupees by now. Nisha could not stop him or say anything to advise him. But today, she was furious on the way he made a scene in front of everyone.

After entering the living room, Nisha argued in a raised voice with her father. But Mohandas was not ready to take anything into consideration.

“I will not give you the money. And I am earning, then why do you need to do anything?” Nisha asked her father.

“I have to give ten lakhs as payment to someone tomorrow.”

“I will not give you the money.” Nisha too was stubborn now.

“What did you say? You will not give me the money?” Mohandas’ eyes turned red with rage.

“No! Never…”

“Then I will kill you!” Mohandas threatened Nisha in that intoxicated state. Nisha was taken aback by what she just heard from her father. She could not believe her ears. The very next moment, Mohandas went inside his bedroom and shut the door with a loud bang. Nisha kept staring at the shut door in shock.

Aashu Patel
Aashu Patel

Aashu Patel is a writer, who has written on a variety of genres ranging from crime to inspirational. 40 books written by him are published. He has worked as an editor of many leading newspapers. He has written many novels. Well-known film director Tigmanshu Dhulia is making a Hindi film based on his English novel 'Madam X'.

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