11, Sky Heights (Epilogue)

The police commissioner’s office was cramped – the journalists from every newspaper and news channel were present for the press conference. When the press conference was called by the police commissioner, the journalists knew that some interesting and controversial was to be told to them.

Police officers Shinde and Joshi were also standing beside the commissioner with frustration in their eyes in failing to solve the case.

“We have arrested director Karan Khanna in Nisha Narang’s murder case,” The commissioner made a statement. As soon as he ended this statement there was a murmur in the crowd, they were all shocked. They wondered that how can Karan Khanna kill Nisha Narang? Wasn’t he her boyfriend?

But before anyone could ask that question, the commissioner said, “Karan Khanna was Don Sayyed Hussein’s pawn in the Hindi Film Industry under the disguise of a film director. He did not love Nisha, he loved her money and he often asked for large amounts of money from her citing different reasons. After a few months, Nisha got to know about his connection with the Don and she asked him to break all ties with him. Karan pretended to break all ties with the Don but in reality, he continued to work for him. Meanwhile, Nisha kept getting threats from the Don time and again to sign movies that were indirectly financed by him. When Nisha grew agitated by these threats, Karan told her that if he mended ties with the Don then these threats would stop. Karan told Nisha that the Don was angry on him and that is why he was threatening Nisha.”

As the police commissioner spoke, the journalists listened to the truth with an expression of surprise.

“But Nisha did not want Karan to bond with the Don again; she wanted to keep him away from the underworld because she was madly in love with him. A few days later, Karan did another drama. He told Nisha that the Don was threatening to kill him if he did not give him ten crores in two days. Nisha believed him and gave him all the money she had and kept only a few lakhs for her expenses. She was blind in love. After exhausting Nisha’s bank balance and using her for his own benefit, the Don instructed Karan to kill Nisha because she knew that Karan worked for him and if she would tell that to anyone, it would be dangerous for the Don. Also, Karan had to find a new ‘target’ to get money from and if Nisha was alive, he could not do so. So, the Don told Karan to make Nisha’s murder look like a suicide and wait for the right time to carry out the plan.”

“Karan used Mohini to carry out his plan. He befriended her and pretended that he was in love with her. He also told her that he could make her a successful heroine in the Hindi Film Industry. Mohini believed him because wanted to become a successful actress and Karan was a famous director. She fell into the trap.”

“Karan began inciting Mohini against Nisha by showing fake sympathy for her and condemning every action that Nisha did. He used Mohini’s jealousy for Nisha to his advantage and portrayed himself as a victim who bearing Nisha’s atrocities. After a few weeks, Karan told Mohini that he could not tolerate Nisha’s behaviour anymore and that he wanted to kill her. Mohini was shocked hearing this; she found it difficult to believe that Karan could go to this extent as well. She refused to help him kill Nisha.”

“When Mohini refused to be the part of the conspiracy to kill Nisha, Karan began blackmailing her. He showed her the videos of their sexual moments. Mohini was extremely frightened. Karan told her that if she did not be a part of his plan to kill Nisha, he would leak that video clip online after blurring his face. Not only that, he would also send the clip to Nisha. Due to fear, Mohini did not think that if Karan would send the clip to Nisha, he would also be exposed – so he would never do the foolishness of doing so. After that Karan also offered to make her the lead actress in his next movie. Due to fear and greed, Mohini agreed to be a part of the conspiracy to kill Nisha.”

“Karan had planned to have a heated argument with Nisha during her birthday party because of which she would become upset. Karan knew that when she was upset, she would go to her bedroom’s balcony and smoke. He had planned to then send Mohini to Nisha on the pretext of consoling her and told Mohini to push her down the balcony. When Mohini would return to the party she was told to tell the guests that Nisha will join them in five minutes as she was a little upset. Since Mohini was Nisha’s closest friend nobody will doubt her.”

“But when, on the day of her party, Nisha had an argument with her father, it became easier for Karan. When Nisha stood on her balcony after the argument with her father, Mohini had lifted her legs from behind and Nisha had fallen off the balcony. However, a few days after Nisha’s death, Mohini had realized that Karan had used her and she knew that he was now having an affair with Chandni. Overcome with guilt, anger and frustration she decided to confess her crime to the police. She decided to take Omar Hassan’s help as she thought that Omar Hassan had seen her when she pushed Nisha when she saw him coming out of her room on the night of the murder. But she did one mistake – she fought with Karan and told him that she will make sure that he is put behind the bars. This alerted Karan and he got her killed by one of the sharpshooters of the Don. After that, Karan got her call records using his influence and found out that Mohini had called Omar Hassan late in the night. Karan had then called Omar Hassan and asked him about the conversation he had with Mohini.”

“Karan Khanna had used Mohini to get Nisha killed so that he would have a strong alibi and nobody would doubt him even for a moment. When he pretended to faint on hearing that Nisha was lying dead in the compound of her society, Mohini stayed upstairs on the pretext of getting Karan back to his senses. But in reality, Mohini did not have the courage to see Nisha’s dead body, she was shaken from within.”

“Karan had planned to make Nisha’s death look like a suicide. But when the resident living in another wing of the same society witnessed Nisha’s murder, his plan failed. However, he had calculated such a risk beforehand. He had made an arrangement for the Don to call film financer Ranjit Wadhwa to threaten Nisha to sign his film. Karan knew that Nisha would come and tell him about such a phone call and Nisha did the same. He had planned to tell the media about it after her death so that the blame shifts on Wadhwa’s head. When the police arrested Ranjit Wadhwa, Karan was relieved.”

Everyone was listening to the police commissioner in pin-drop silence.

“Karan then moved on to his next target – actress Chandni. Like Nisha, he used his drama of love to get money from Chandni as well but when one day, Chandni refused to give him the money, he threatened her on gun-point and a frightened Chandni had come to me for help. But Karan got to know that she had told the police because he had hired a private detective to spy on her. The police had made a plan to make Karan confess to the crime. We installed cameras in actress Chandni’s bedroom and asked her to call Karan to her house to meet her making an excuse of being sick.”

“When Karan entered inside her bedroom and asked her that why had she come to meet me, he was angry.  When Chandni did not answer his questions, he assaulted her and threatened to kill her just like he killed Nisha and Mohini. This was recorded on the camera. Our brave officers who were hiding in Chandni’s house fired a bullet on Karan’s hand due to which his pistol fell off from his hand. We have arrested Karan Khanna.”

“By solving this case, we have come close to exposing and eliminating the link between the Bollywood and the underworld. We have begun interrogating some more celebrities of the Hindi Film Industry and shall get back to you soon with more information.” The commissioner concluded his statement.

Sitting in the front row was journalist, Rashmi Mathur. She never went to press conferences but this case was an exception. As soon as the police commissioner concluded his statement, the journalists began asking him lots of questions, to which he replied, “I believe one of my officers is the right person to answer these questions.”

Within a few seconds, Omar Hassan came and stood beside the commissioner. The journalists were taken by surprise. The commissioner said, “Please direct all your questions to our officer Omar Hassan. He is the one who has cracked this case.” Everyone stared in shock, it was incredible! Police officers Joshi and Shinde now understood why there were orders to not exempt Omar Hassan from questioning – all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place for them.

Looking at their faces, the commissioner gave more information about Omar Hassan, “Omar is an IPS officer. Soon after he was recruited, he presented a plan to me and I was impressed by it. I took it further to the ministry and it was approved. He was sent as an ‘officer on special duty’ or in layman’s terms as an ‘undercover officer’ to the Film Industry, two years ago. Excluding a few officers, nobody knew about the fact that he was a police officer. We had to spend a lot of money to make him a film star but we are happy that we got the desired results from our undercover operation. Omar is an efficient officer. After putting the operation in flow, it was told to everyone that Omar had gone to the United States as he had received a lucrative offer from a multi-national company. The first time his colleagues and friends saw him on the silver screen; they wondered if Omar had a twin! Soon, he became famous as an actor and from his earnings returned all the money the government had spent on making him a star. Even if Nisha-Mohini’s murder case wouldn’t have happened, we were going to expose the underworld-Bollywood nexus in a very short time as Omar had obtained substantial information about it…”

The police commissioner went on talking more but Rashmi Mathur was smiling as she looked at Omar Hassan. He too smiled at her. There were feelings of happiness, love, pride and complaint in Rashmi’s eyes.

She laughed and said to herself, “Omar, you are dead when you meet me!”


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Aashu Patel
Aashu Patel

Aashu Patel is a writer, who has written on a variety of genres ranging from crime to inspirational. 40 books written by him are published. He has worked as an editor of many leading newspapers. He has written many novels. Well-known film director Tigmanshu Dhulia is making a Hindi film based on his English novel 'Madam X'.

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