This 12 Year Old Bhim Saved The Life Of Hundreds On A Train

A 12 year old boy, whom we like to call as Bhim of the 21st century, as he is named Bhim Yadav, did a commendable act. According to an article in Gulf News, Bhim was heading to his orchards when he saw a broken patch of rails. He also saw that a train was coming that way.

He did some quick thinking, took off his red shirt and began flagging the driver using it, symbolising danger.  The Gorakhpur- Narkatiaganj railway line was broken and by doing this Bhim saved the life of many people who were onboard.

The boy who studies in 5th grade at a school in Mangalpur, Bihar told India Today, “Once I had visited a relative in the nearby village where the people were talking about a bravery of a boy. I too wanted to do something so that the society could discuss about me as well. I am happy to save the lives of the passengers.”

The state authorities are going to reward the boy, in what way – that is still to be decided.

“That is indeed a brave act. We are going to reward him for his bravery which saved the lives of passengers. The reward could be in form of cash or citation. We are still deciding over it but one thing is sure, he is going to be rewarded,” the local district education officer Harendra Jha told the Gulf News on Wednesday.

This boy is a young example of how we could make a difference in the lives of others, by just caring.

Preview Photo : Melba R. Burnett/YouTube

Heer Khant
Heer Khant

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