In The 21st Century, This Doctor Visits His Patients By Riding On A Horse!

While we have grown up listening to stories about men and women travelling on horseback to get from one place to another, it is a completely different thing to see it happening even today, especially for the urban folk.

In a time when horse carts are a rarity, hearing about the fact that a doctor uses a horse as his mode of transportation even today shocks us!

A doctor in Italy visits his patients by riding on horseback even today. 63-year-old Roberto Anfosso has been doing this for a decade now. His horse has a name – Ambra.

In a village called La Morra in Italy, vineyards are abundant. It is also a hilly terrain. Doctor Anfosso, has been attending to his patients in a village with a very high life expectancy rate. He began riding when he was 14 after he was forced to give up football due to asthma.

“Every week, I ride 80 to 100 kilometres (50 to 62 miles) on horseback. In the first three years, I made 1,000 visits, now I’ve stopped counting,” he told Agence France Press (AFP).

So how did he get the idea of commuting to work on horseback?

Doctor Roberto Anfosso | Photo: The Jakarta Post

He was once out on a ride when he got a call to attend to a patient. He decided to visit the patient on horseback on a whim. And has not stopped ever since. Describing the incident to AFP, Anfosso said, “When I arrived, the patient looked at me strangely, he was so surprised, he didn’t let me in at first.”

The doctor feels that for patients, who are often ailing in pain, seeing a doctor on horseback brings in a break from the monotony of everyday routine. He also thinks that it sends out a good message to a patient that the doctor attending to him or her, have time for them.


While it might be very unusual to even hear of such a thing, for the people who the doctor attends to, it is a usual sight. Ah! Imagine if you had a doctor attending after commuting on a horseback instead of the usual bee-lines that patients are stuck in at doctors’ clinics and hospitals. Wouldn’t it be better instead of feeling worse to sit amidst a worried crowd of sick people who are waiting for the doctor to respect their time?

Preview Photo: Marco Bertorello/AFP

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