22 World Records Set On Yoga Day in Ahmedabad, Gujarat! Read the full list!

Yoga Day

The International Yoga Day event that was conducted at Ahmedabad’s GMDC ground entered the Guinness Book Of World Records.

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The Yoga Day event held on June 21 at Ahmedabad was literally huge. The event that was held at Ahmedabad’s GMDC grounds was attended by 54,000 people who participated in various Yoga asanas. Yoga guru, Baba Ramdev guided them.

The Chief Minister of Gujarat, Vijay Rupani received a certificate from the Guinness Book Of World Record officials at Gandhinagar yesterday. This event in Gujarat broke Delhi’s record of June 21, 2015 when 35,985 people participated in Yoga. And this year in Ahmedabad, as per the government’s release, 54,522 people took part.

“Today is an important day for me, as more than three lakh people performed yoga in one place to set a new world record. We have broken the previous world record, which was set in the presence of our PM, by a huge margin,” Baba Ramdev had said after the event but his claims do not match the numbers released by the government.

But this was not it. 21 other records were set on the same day!

The full list of the other 21 records is as follows:

1. Longest Yoga Marathon: Patanjali Yoga guru Shri Mahesh Yogi, who belongs to Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh, began performing yoga on June 19 at 5.20 am. He completed 51-hour of performance on June 21.

2. Longest performance of Sheershasan: Three workers of Patanjali Yogapeeth, Jaipal, Gopal Dangi and Mohan Shankar Rao Thakrey performed sheershasan in a group for 3 hours 33 minutes and 33 seconds in a single stretch.

3. Longest performance of Sheersh Padmasana: Patanjali Yoga guru Shri Ravi Vyom Shankar Jha from Madhubani in Bihar performed Sheersh Padmasana for 40 minutes to set a world record.

4. Surya Namaskar (below 18 years category): Patanjali Yoga guru Shri Chandramohan Negi performed surya namaskar or 4,500 time in just eight hours.

5. Surya Namaskar (Women): Patanjali Yoga teacher Monica Nishad performed surya namaskar for 3124 times.

6. Highest number of pushups: 17-year-old Patanjali yoga guru Aditya Singh from Satna, Madhya Pradesh performed 157 push ups in just a minute.

7. Sheershasan (Women category): Patanjali yoga guru Gayatri ji who belongs to Chhattisgarh performed Sheershasan for an hour and 4 minutes.

8. Sheershasan (junior women category): 17-year-old Patanjali Yoga guru Manisha Kumawat who is a resident of Sikar in Rajasthan performed Sheershasan for 51 minutes.

9. Surya Namaskar: Patanjali yoga guru Shri Devendra performed surya namaskar for 4050 times.

10. Vrikshasan: Patanjali Yogapeeth worker Shri Madan Mohan Ji from Parastar, Rajasthan performed Vrikshasan for 48 minutes and 32 seconds.

11. Maximum pushups in one minute with 15 kg weight: Patanjali yoga guru Shri Harshram performed 70 pushups in a minute along with 15 kg weight.

12. Maximum pushups in an hour: Patanjali Yoga guru Shri Kuldeep Saini performed 3150 pushups in an hour.

13. Maximum pushups in a minute: 157 pushups were performed by Shri Aditya SIngh in a minute

14. Fastest 1000 pushups: Bijnor’s Patanjali Yoga guru Dinesh Kumar performed 1000 pushups in 12 minutes.

15. Longest surya namaskar marathon: Patanjali yoga guru from Goa, Shri Pankaj Sainekar performed surya namaskar for continuously 15 hours.

16. Surya Namaskar in an hour: Patanjali yoga guru Shri Rajpal ji performed surya namaskar for 582 times in an hour.

17. Longest performance of Surya namaskar (below 18 years): Shri Chandramohan Negi (17) performed surya namaskar for 563 times.

18. Gaumukh Asana: Acharya Phulchandra performed gaumukh asana for 9 hours and 30 minutes.

19. Surya Namaskar (Women category): Patanjali yoga guru Jagriti performed surya namaskar 492 times to set a world record.

20. Surya Namaskar (young women category): Patanjali yoga teacher Vidya Rani performed Surya namaskar 2,100 times in an hour.

21. Nauli yoga: Patanjali yoga guru Shri Pannalal performed Nauli Kriya 360 times in 5 minutes and 41 seconds.

(List reference: India.com)

Photo: Hindustan Times

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