3 Actors Who Are Currently The Highest Paid In The Hindi Film Industry

In the Hindi film industry, there are many actors who are ruling the box office with some of the biggest hits of their careers. Then there are talented actors who are taking up unconventional films and shaping a new era.

Over time, these three actors have ruled the hearts of millions of people, continuously soaring in popularity. Their net worths will shock you!

These actors are currently ruling the commerce side of the Bollywood industry:

1) Shahrukh Khan:

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Worldwide he is a bigger star than even Salman, but things cannot be compared between these two actors as their acting styles and commercial strategies are very different. SRK is more inclined towards the projects now who have a creative value also along with a commercial angle. But now again with his choice of movies like ‘Zero’, ‘Don 3’, ‘Vikram Vedha’ and the remake of the Indian astronaut Rakesh Sharma, seems like he will spring back in action soon. He continues to be one of the richest and highest paid actors in the industry. His net worth is Rs 5000 crores and he charges around Rs 40-45 crore per film.

2) Salman Khan:

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Being the ‘Bhai’ of the Bollywood industry he is not only one of the highest paid actors but also makes the producers a lot of money. His films entertain the masses and are focused towards things like action, romance and comedy. Salman is a big brand name on his own and now with so many movies in his pocket, his popularity keeps soaring. His each and every movie worldwide on an average makes a collection of more than 500 crores, in just tickets – if it doesn’t he pays the distributors. Win-win? His net worth is Rs 1480 crores and he charges around Rs 60 crore per film.

3) Akshay Kumar:

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Akshay Kumar does each and every kind of a role but we also see him in movies which are more socially inclined. Kumar has done so many movies and out of which maximum are commercially successful due to his stardom. Now the movies this year releasing are ‘2.00’ alongside South’s biggest superstar Rajnikanth – so this movie can break big records with its collection. ‘Gold’ is again a sports social drama based in the era right after the independence wherein, Akshay plays the role of a coach. His ‘Housefull’ series is going to make his comedy comeback once again. Kumar is one actor whose films do not necessarily release during Diwali or Eid but still do great business. He charges around Rs 40-45 crores per film and his net worth is around 600 crores.

These are some actors of the Bollywood industry who are currently ruling on the side of money.

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