3 Amazing Offbeat Places In The World That You Don’t Know Much About

Offbeat places in the world are trending among the youngsters who desire to travel to a different place which ensures them another kind of a vibe. These are distinct places around the globe which are peaceful, adventurous and thrilling in their own way.

Many new travel-worthy places are being discovered in the world on which only a few have set eyes upon. The new generation is leaving the conventional behind.

Travelling is like meditation, you are in the moment and want to value it to the fullest. Get yourself ready this year by getting out of your comfort zone to visit a place which you’ve never before. Here are three recommendations to begin with:

1) Azores, Portugal:

Photo: intrepidtravel.com

This place is for the people who wish to experience lots of things in one destination. The Azores is an archipelago comprising of nine islands divided into three groups, located in the North Atlantic Ocean. From an aerial view, you can see the unique volcanic landscapes, enjoy the subtropical climate, middle-age villages and the scenic white beaches. As per the 2017 statistics, the country has also made it to the safest countries list.

2) North Wales, UK:

Photo: visitwales.com

This place is fast becoming the epicentre for people who love doing adventures. North Wales has the world’s largest surfable artificial waves. The Snowdonia national park in this place has thrilling waterfalls, trails and the huge Mount Snowdon to trek. The park is also becoming an attraction for stargazers as now it has been designated with a dark sky reserve. Just imagine!

3) Choquequirao, Peru:

Photo: wildernesstravel.com

Located in the south of Peru, this place is exciting for the trekkers as Choquequirao is just a two-day hike away from Cusco. People who love to solo travel, and relax away from the maddening crowd, this outstanding hilltop is best for them. Surrounded by beautiful mountains, offering a majestic view from the top you cannot miss this one.  The Peruvian government is planning for a road connectivity between the ‘sacred sister (Choquequirao)’ which is very difficult to access, starting from Machu Picchu and the construction of cable cars are also set afoot.

Bon voyage!

Preview Photo: exotiktours.com

Samyak Sheth
Samyak Sheth

A traveller and journalist who views the world wearing multi-coloured goggles. He believes that life is to live not to survive.

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