3 Breakfast Suggestions That Might Help You Start Your Day Better

While it is not rocket science to know what’s good for breakfast, here are three dishes which are easy to cook and delicious to eat.

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Most doctors and nutritionists agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it kick-starts your metabolism and ensures that you stay energised throughout the day! Ever heard the quote: “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper!” ?

What to eat for breakfast in the most common question asked. What is easy to make in the busy morning and yet nutritious enough? Here are three picks that are easy to cook and great to taste:


Idli, made with rice flour, lentils and salt is a great breakfast option. One single idli contains 2gms of protein, 2gms of fibre and 8gms of carbohydrates while having only 39 calories. It also contains 1mg of iron, traces of calcium, potassium, Vitamin A and folate.  Sambhar, which is made with ‘dal’ contains (in one cup) 25g of carbohydrates, 13g of dietary fibre, Vitamin A,C, Calcium and Iron.


A famous Maharashtrian food item, Aloo/Kanda Poha (rice flakes) are extremely rich in iron. Adding vegetables ensures a good supply of vitamins and minerals while potato is known to be a great source of fibre. Adding lemon to it will help in iron absorption and provide Vitamin C. Lemon is also known to help the process of metabolism. Poha is a good source of carbohydrates and is known to be gluten-free. While the use of sugar is optional, poha comes handy for those suffering from diabetes.


The quickest option out of all three, oats are extremely rich in fibre. When combined with dry fruits, berries, fruits, honey and milk, they are the perfect breakfast option that provides all vitamins, minerals, fibre and carbohydrates without increasing your calorie count. Homemade rolled oats that are preservative and sugar-free are easily available. Adding mulberries, blueberries, cashews and almonds are the most sought-after combinations with milk.

Most health specialists suggest having one fruit of your choice daily along with your breakfast to get the necessary fibre required for the day to prevent constipation. Fruits are loaded with vitamins and nutrients that are necessary for every individual.

Let us know in the comments below about your favourite breakfast options!

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