3 Films That Proved That Content Rules In Cinema, Watch Them Today

The Bollywood industry has been growing at a fast rate as the audience is becoming more thirsty for the ‘content’ of the movie rather than the entertainment factor. Actors or actresses used to play a big role before, it is replaced by ‘what is the movie about’. Believe it or not, if the content is interesting then nothing can stop the movie from becoming a hit. These days also small budget movies are ruling the ‘Fridays’.

There have been many movies which have performed better than expected:

1) Secret Superstar:

Released last year in 2017, it is a story of a girl (Zaira Wasim) and her orthodox and abusive father who does not support her singing as it is a sin for a ‘girl’. But the way she becomes an internet sensation overnight without revealing her real identity and how she comes up, facing troubles is the crux of the story.

In India it was a blockbuster, in China it has earned more than Rs 500 crores.

2) Hindi Medium:

Irrfan Khan’s one of the finest performances last year, which revolves around the education system in India and how it as grown commercially like a business. The schools in India, focus more on status and money than on intelligence or willingness to learn. The film also talks about the obsession of ‘behaving Western’ and talking in ‘English’. This brilliant film deserves a standing ovation.

3) Hitchki:

Rani Mukerji’s comeback, Hitchki is a simple yet emotional movie with a brilliant script. This film talks about the discrimination in education and about a teacher who finds it difficult to make people understand that she is fit to become a teacher even though she has ‘Tourette’s Syndrome’. Mukerji’s acting in the film and the importance of the rapport between a student and a teacher is portrayed very well in this movie.

Which of these three movies have you watched yet?

Heer Khant
Heer Khant

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