Mullah Nasiruddin Series : 3 Stories That Are Funny And Witty At The Same Time

Mulla Nasiruddin

Part 1

If you are having a bad day, these dumb yet witty stories of Mulla Nasiruddin will make your day!

Mulla Nasiruddin is a Persian folk tales character which most children are acquainted with. The stories of Mulla Nasiruddin are very witty showing the face of a humanity and at the same time make people laugh.

He was a Sufi who died in the 13th century. He is often refereed to as ‘Hodja’ or ‘Mullah’.

His stories are famous across the world and are often passed on as children’s literature. But the minute you, as an adult read them you’ll realise that they are good for you as well.

If you think deeply, each of these stories have a hidden message. Tell us if you figure it out!

Here are five stories that you must read today:

1. Nasiruddin and His Donkey:

Nasruddin Hodja took his donkey to the market place and sold it for 30 dinars The man who bought it immediately put it up for auction.

“Look at this fine animal!” he shouted to passersby. “Have you ever seen a better specimen of a donkey? See how clean and strong it is!”

And he went on to list the many qualities of the animal. At the end of his sales talk a man said he would give 40 dinars for it  Another man offered 50. A third offered 55.

Hodja who was watching was amazed at the interest everyone was showing in the donkey.

“What a fool I was to think it an ordinary animal,” thought Hodja. “It is an incomparable beast, one in a million…” He suddenly realized that the owner had received a good offer and was about to close the bidding.

“75 dinars once…” said the man.”75 dinars twice…”

“80 dinars!” said Hodja.

2. Nasiruddin And His Shirt:

Nasruddin Hodja went to a tailor with a piece of cloth and asked the tailor to stitch him a shirt. The tailor took his measurements.

“When will it be ready?” Nasruddin asked the tailor.

“God willing, it’ll be ready in a week’s time,” said the man. Nasruddin could hardly wait for the week to pass. On the morning of the seventh day he hurried to the tailor’s shop. He was bitterly disappointed when he learnt that the shirt was not ready.

“God willing, it will be ready the day after tomorrow,” said the tailor. Two days later, Nasruddin was again at the tailor’s shop. The shirt was still not ready.

“God willing it’ll be ready on Saturday,” said the tailor.

On Saturday it was the same story. “God willing…,” began the tailor.

“Stop! Stop!” said Hodja, now thoroughly fed up. “Tell me, how long will it take if you leave God out of this?”

3. The Tree, The Man And Nasiruddin:

One day, a man climbed up a tree. While climbing up, he did not realise how tall the tree actually was and kept climbing up. On reaching the top, when the man looked down, he realised that climbing down from the tree would not be as easy as climbing up. He could not think of any way of getting down without injuring himself seriously.

He asked the people who were passing by to help him. But nobody could think of a way of bringing him down safely. Soon, quite a few people gathered around the tree and tried to help the man, but no one knew what to do. The man remained stuck on top of the tree.

Just then, Nasruddin, who was walking by, saw this scene and wondered what was going on. The people standing around the tree told Nasruddin about the situation. “Oh!” Nasruddin said, “I’ll get him down in no time.” He took a long rope and threw one end of it up to the man telling him to tie the rope around his waist.

Everyone wondered what Nasruddin’s plan was. When one of them asked him, Nasruddin replied, “Just leave it

to me. It’s a foolproof plan.”

When the man on the tree had tied the rope tightly around his waist, Nasruddin pulled the rope with all his force. As soon as Nasruddin did this, the man fell down from the tree and hurt himself badly. The bystanders were shocked at this. They turned to Nasruddin and asked, “What were you thinking? What kind of a silly plan was that?”

Nasruddin replied, “Well, once I did exactly the same thing and saved someone’s life.”

One man asked him, “Is that true?”

“Absolutely!” replied Nasruddin, “The only thing I cannot remember is whether I saved him from a tree or from a well.”

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