3 New Year Resolutions For Those Filled With Wanderlust

With 2018 finally here, it’s time to lock in our resolutions for the new year. With new year’s and new beginnings, comes new resolutions. Let’s not set unreachable goals – let’s keep it realistic: What changes in our lives are important for us to make and are possible in the time frame of one year?

So, those filled with wanderlust, keep your messenger and WhatsApp inactive for some time. Something very special for you!

With great travel comes great responsibility, so let’s put together a few New Year’s resolutions for like-minded travellers who are planning on seeing more of the world in 2018, that usually includes travelling more.

Here are 3 resolutions for travellers to take onboard for 2018.

1. Move and enjoy where the breeze takes you!

You decide to leave an entire day of your trip completely unplanned, then see what happens. Everyone knows aimless adventures are the best kind of adventures. You ought to stop making excuses to not go travelling. After all, you’ve worked hard and deserve to see this great big world while you can. Let’s get inspired and get out there. You should travel with the same open attitude that you do when you are on the other side of the globe. A curiosity to try new things and a willingness to chat with strangers about life – all is looking up.

Some of the best travel stories happen once you leave the safety of your comfort zone. Once you’ve begun trying things you never thought you’d try, or eating things you never thought you’d eat, or going where you’d never thought you’d go – that‘s when things start getting a little more interesting. You try that raw horse meat in Tokyo, picnic hanging over the edge of that gorge in Victoria or make 2018 the year we discard stereotypes and travel to Colombia.

2. Pack light on travels!

2018 will be the year you pack lighter, smarter and faster. No more deliberating over that fourth pair of shoes – you leave them behind to make room for the cool new things you come across on your travels. Let’s admit it – sometimes you are a little too much about what you look like while travelling. You must accept the fact that travelling means ditching our timely daily routines and keeping things quick and simple. Take solace in the fact that no one will be judging you for wearing the same denim shirt three days in a row – who even cares? Better skip too much of make-up kit! Girls, nothing personal.

3. Spend more on experiences than on things!

Resolve to stop hoarding your life with things that you don’t need. Instead, spend on experiences that will grow you as a person. While travelling, choose to indulge in the local delicacies than buying that huge crockery set that you are never going to use. Para-sail instead of buying that expensive set of shoes.

Experiences will grow your soul in ways that you can never imagine! So spend on them instead?

There is a whole big world outside. Why not travel and see what is there for you this New Year?

Rishabh Kumar
Rishabh Kumar

A soon to be tech graduate who has a knack of writing and a sack full of dreams.

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