3 Places In Delhi That Are Made Just For Butter Chicken Lovers

New Delhi, the capital of India has a rich taste for the food. Over here the Punjabi and Mughlai dishes are so delicious that forgetting the taste is not possible. Food lovers in the city keep on multiplying.

This season with the coming winters, hot and spicy butter chicken is the best thing to have.

Butter Chicken is the most common and a favourite dish among the North Indian food lovers. It is said by the Delhites that it was Mughals who left the recipe of this spicy, buttery dish with juicy chicken behind.

These 3 places are a must for the newcomers in the town to indulge in butter chicken:

1) The Moti Mahal Restaurant:

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Moti Mahal restaurant located at Netaji Subhash Marg, Dariya Ganj, New Delhi serves the most delicious North Indian cuisine. Newcomers visiting this place will get repeatedly attracted to the taste of the butter chicken here. The restaurant is nearly 8 decades old but the taste of the butter chicken has not compromised also the fee and ambience is totally of the Old Delhi in the winter season. North Indian dishes like Tandoori Chicken and Dal Makhani are worth eating. The rates are affordable – a meal for two would cost around ₹1000-1200.

2) Mughal Mahal:

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Mughal Mahal is also a very old restaurant which is known for its signature taste. The butter chicken is juicy, spicy and in the end, there is a slightly sweet taste in the dish. Located at 7, Govind Lal Sikka Marg, Rajendra Palace, the prices of this place are still very nominal as a meal for two would cost around ₹800-1000.

3) Havemore:

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This place has its own USP, as like the other two this also has the best spicy butter chicken in town but has an added advantage of being open till late, for the people who love to eat late in the chilling weather of the city. This place has extremely good service and ambience but it is slightly more expensive than the both of the above restaurants. Coming here will give you the typical taste and richness North Indian Butter Chicken decorated with the layers of ‘Makkhan’ along with butter dripping hot naan, making it a delicacy. This place would cost around ₹1800-2000 for two at the maximum. Located at 11-12, Pandara market, Barda ukil marg, New Delhi, Havemore is must-visit.

What are your favourite places to eat in New Delhi? Tell us in the comments.

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