3 Roles That Aamir Khan Could Have Done & Not Rejected

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Everyone knows who Aamir Khan is, he has been named as Mr. Perfectionist of the industry. His choices about the movies he takes up are well-pondered upon and his preparation for the role goes on for the longest time.

He is the only actor in the Bollywood who brought the formula of doing one film a year, with all you have got, and it worked out to be magic.

We know a lot of things about this actor but there are some things for sure which only a few people know about him.

We will be telling you about the directors he could not work with, because of the films he has rejected which only a few people have an idea of.

Aamir Khan’s combination with Ashutosh Gowariker:

We have known their hard work in ‘Lagaan’ which turned out to be a milestone in both of their careers. But do you know that Ashutosh Gowariker’s ‘Swades’ was offered to actor ‘Aamir Khan’ first? And the actor found the script boring so apparently, it went to ‘Shahrukh Khan’. The movie was not a hit but achieved critical acclaim. Some years after its release the viewers understood the depth of the movie and it has achieved a cult status since then.

Aamir Khan’s collaboration with Lawrence D’souza:

In this era many people may not be knowing the director ‘Lawrence D’souza’, he is the person who directed 1991’s superhit ‘Saajan’. Aamir Khan and Salman Khan’s entertaining pair was a hit. The makers of ‘Saajan’ wanted to cast Aamir Khan, but he did not like the role and it eventually went to ‘Sanjay Dutt’, for which he even won so many awards.

Aamir Khan and Sooraj Barjatya:

This was a very much needed combination but apparently, Salman Khan is the only Khan who has worked with this director. The credit should also go to actor ‘Aamir Khan’ for this as ‘Hum Aapke Hai Kaun’s lead role of ‘Prem’ was first offered to ‘Aamir Khan’ but it did not impress the actor and it went to ‘Salman Khan’. This in return brought Salman’s career on top.

Did you know about these three movies?

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