3 Shocking Differences Between The Brains Of Women And Men!

Do you know to what extent a man’s brain differs from that of a female? Not only in terms of structure but also in terms of senses and behavior. These differences are really interesting. Let’s explore.

Structural Differences

Prior to the birth of boys or girls, their brains advance with diverse hemispheric partitions. The arrangement of left and right partitions differ in the male and the female. For example, men are apt to vocal cores on the left hemisphere only, whereas women are apt to have vocal cores on both the left and right partition. This is a significant difference.

Now you know why girls are more expressive. Girls tend to use more words when discussing or describing an incidence, whereas males already with few vocal core lag behind in expression. They can’t really help it.

Hormones Release Rate

The hypothalamus releasing hormones in the brain is of same structure both in the brain of men and women but, the release rate differs.

Are you aware of: “It takes 8 seconds for men to fall in love while women take 21 days to develop similar feelings,”? Let’s see how.

The hypothalamus controls pituitary gland which releases ‘oxytocin’ hormones responsible for human behavioral aspects including ‘love’ more in men while barely 1 hormone is released in women. The feelings and emotions generated in males are more and most men are sensitive than women due to this. Shocking isn’t it?

When it comes to discussing feelings and emotions, girls tend to have an advantage and aren’t easily driven by emotions.


Females brains consume almost ten intervals extra white matter whereas that of men consume closely seven intervals extra gray matter for day-to-day activities. Are you familiar with these terms?

Gray matter zones of the brain are confined. They are action and information handling zones in particular spots in a defined area of the brain. Once they are completely involved in an assignment, men are unable to show much attention to their surroundings.

White matter is the interacting web that interlinks other handling cores and the brain’s gray matter. The gray-white matter variation enlightens why, in later life, men excel in highly task-focused projects, while ladies are brilliant multi-taskers.

Here girls score over boys.

Men and female brains differences are the sole reason for variations in overall personality and skills of them. One part may be females are better other may be males – the brain really is a mysterious object!

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Rishabh Kumar
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