3 Simple Success Mantras To Crack UPSC Exams

The mains of UPSC are about to end for this year.All candidates who wrote the exam will be waiting for the results and schedule of interview. Those who did not qualify the preliminary exam will be working towards qualifying in 2018. This post is for aspirants who have the dedication and intent of cracking the UPSC 2018 examination.



Initially, using social media channels like Facebook and WhatsApp for UPSC preparation is tough but it can be easily done by practicing. For many who can’t afford coaching institutes, people have developed free blogs by uploading useful e-books and articles on current affairs that can come handy during preparation.  You can use the internet to watch proper videos, downloading notes of different coaching institutes and what not! Take as many mock tests as you can – it is suggested to take 20 atleast before prelims. Besides watching movies for entertainment, aspirants can also watch motivational videos on YouTube.



Due to lack of sleep, most of us find it difficult to wake up in the morning. To implement this mantra, you have to plan your day accordingly with a proper sleep schedule. You can plan to sleep at 10 pm and wake up at 4 am.  You can switch off the TV or all other gadgets before 8 pm. Prepare yourself for the next day. Many of us watch different shows in the internet. Avoid discussing about those at night with your friends and it puts your mind to work. Those who are working, try to leave office as soon as you can. In most metro cities, commuting take a lot of time. Among the many benefits of getting up early, one is that the mind will be fresh even if you pick a tough topic to read. It will take you a much shorter time to cover it.



Most UPSC coaching institutes, offer a test series for those aspirants who cannot afford to take courses there.

As an aspirant if you are looking forward to attend classes at a coaching institute then drop that idea because here, you have a throwback of your college life. If you were a sincere student at that time then take it up, else use these institutes for mock tests onlu because you have chances of getting these questions repeated in  the exam and also your writing speed is improved. The biggest advantage of doing so is it gives a boost to your confidence levels.

Here’s wishing all the best for UPSC 2018 and congratulations in advanc to those who have written the mains and cleared it.


S. Karthika
S. Karthika

A Tamilian girl from Chennai, who loves travelling & gathering new experiences in her backpack. An engineer cum writer who has immense knowledge of words. Her articles are dedicated to those who have the zeal to achieve their dreams and who believe they can.

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