3 Things You Should Teach Your Child Before Teaching Them The Alphabet!

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There is nothing more challenging that becoming a parent for the first time. That is a responsibility no one can prepare you for. Here are 3 things you must teach your child before anything else.

Heer Khant

Congratulations to you dear parent for taking on the responsibility of another living soul. Science has proved that the child’s brain develops the most in the first five years of the child’s life. So what is it that you teach your child in those five years?

While others can only suggest, the final call about how to bring up your little one, is yours and yours only. But it is important to understand that before you begin thinking about your child’s academic education and success in the future, you must think about these things and teach him/her that first.


This is one extremely important emotion that your child must develop. While there is a difference between sympathy and empathy – empathy is to understand, it is to care about another person.

There are millions of people today in the world who lack empathy. Empathy towards people, empathy towards the environment and empathy towards themselves. Empathy towards people is important because we are in a world where we do not live alone. There is constant interaction with people. Be it being a good friend or being a good politician, empathy is must.

Having empathy towards the environment will make your child preserve this planet which is in dire need of help. And at last, empathy with oneself makes you more aware, conscious about your feelings and helps you in addressing them before a major mental health problem crops up.


Have you ever heard the term grownup-child? Haven’t you thought that this term was contradictory? How can a child be grown-up or how can a grown-up be a child? That is possible. There are people who are physically forty years old but mentally act like they are twelve.

Teach your child to not be dependent on anyone for their needs. This is will prevent them from becoming clingy when they grow-up. If your child depends on someone else for their financial, emotional or spiritual needs excessively, it will prove detrimental for them.

However, to clarify, being independent doesn’t mean to be alone or not co-exist. It simply means that you are capable enough to look after yourself.


The problem with the world today is that everyone jumps to judge another person without looking at themselves in the mirror first. Most of us jump to assumptions without knowing the truth.

Teach your child to accept others no matter how different they are from him/her. Teach them to be broad-minded about ideas that they will learn in the future. This will not only help your child grow, it will also make it easier for him to make friends and have lasting relationships.

Have you ever wondered how different the world would be if we were slightly more accepting and open-minded? Well, it is not necessary for the world to become that – just make sure your child does become a broad, open-minded, non-judgemental person.

Every parent has their own style of parenting. There no wrong style – or right style; the only wrong being abusing your children.

Another quickie – one habit that your child will cherish for life reading. Inculcate it at a very early age. Reading can help a person in immense ways and never goes waste.

All the best!

Heer Khant
Heer Khant

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