3 Times Swara Bhaskar Got Embroiled In Controversies

Swara Bhaskar the Bollywood actress whose most recent movie ‘Veere Di Wedding’ released recently and is often known as the controversy queen of Bollywood.

Her successful performances were in ‘Nil Battey Sannata’, ‘Tanu Weds Manu’, ‘Raanjhana’ and many more. Regarded as one of the highly talented actresses currently, she is also one of the most active on the social media. Bhaskar is extremely upfront and never loses a chance to voice her opinions which definitely land her in the trending sections.

There are some major controversies which she has been surrounded with:

1) ‘Veere Di Wedding’ masturbation scene:

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There is a scene in the movie where the actress is seen self-pleasuring herself and there is nothing wrong with it. Audiences and many other people are demeaning her character as according to them it is degrading with respect to the culture and tradition of the country. She is being trolled everywhere, Swara has maintained a strong stand on it and has given it back to the haters.

2) Padmaavat letter:

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Padmaavat was surrounded with zillions of controversies due to its historical subject and sentiments. After the movie released Swara Bhaskar wrote an open letter to the director of the movie ‘Sanjay Leela Bhansali’ that there was no need to glorify the climax of the movie which depicts a ‘Jauhar’ scene. She even went on to write that that there was a feeling where she felt ‘reduced to a vagina’ after watching it. In such a case, she was condemned a lot on the social media for making a controversy out of nothing, the Bollywood fraternity came forward to support the movie but not her.


3) Swara had a tiff with actor Paresh Rawal:

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Paresh Rawal had tweeted that author ‘Arundhati Roy’ should suffer equally like the stone pelter in ‘Kashmir’ did, he was tied on to a jeep by an army jawan. Swara slammed and criticized Rawal over his tweets, saying that she is disgusted by that a Parliamentarian is speaking like this. Paresh Rawal is a strong supporter of BJP and it can be assumed what would have happened, Swara was called an anti-national.

Swara had also been involved in yet another controversy during the Kathua rape incident. but no matter what she keeps on speaking her mind fearlessly.

Preview Photo: indiatimes.com

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