3 Peaceful, Unconventional Ways To Meditate!

Chanting Om, Lying in Shavasan, Being in Silence and other practices of meditation are helpful. But what if they don’t work for you? Then try these!

With all due respect to conventional meditation technique about closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing, there are a few unconventional yet ancient ways of practising meditation that are not so famous. Here are three ideas to inner peace:


Drawing Mandalas, is a traditional way of inner healing. All you need is paper and your choice of medium to fill in the colours. The only pattern that you need to follow while doing Mandala art is to design your mandala in a circle. The circle resembles, infinity, it symbolises life.

A mandala is a Sanksrit word that means a circle representing the universe – a symbol usually used in Hinduism and Buddhism. It is used as a spiritual guidance tool. The kind of mandala you create, the patterns, the colours reflect your inner self and help you understand yourself better. There are innumerable videos and articles on how to indulge into mandala art. It is worth a try!


Certain kind of music, that is instrumental and soothes your ears is likely to soothe your soul. Letting each sound of each beat touch your heart is something that can be accomplished when you focus your entire attention on the music that is playing around you.Not all kinds of music will help you meditate. There is a science of music. Music is believed to be transcendent.

The reason why humans feel at peace amidst nature, is because the sound of nature, like the rustling of the leaves, the roaring of the waves, the chirping of the birds helps you feel better and peaceful. Find the music that suits you, preferably instrumental and do nothing but ‘listen’.


Photo: Dance Of Colours

By dance, I do not mean dancing to loud music like in a pub. Do you remember the dancing of the Sufis and their getting lost in their act so much that they find ‘God’? Well, finding God means finding peace. Finding yourself. And dance is definitely a way to it.

Rhythm is the reason why dancing is meditative and so is your own mind acting without thinking. When you close your eyes and move your body in a tune that is playing only in your mind, you find peace. It has the power to get you into a trance-like state. Use props if you like. Use feathers, glitter, ballons, a long scarf to help you feel that you are in a different world.  Moving the body, releases suffering. That is why exercise makes you feel happy!

From person to person, the definition of meditation differs. For some travel is like meditation while for others, drinking coffee is. You need to find out what works for you. Don’t go with what the world tells you to do, find your own way to meditate.

Tell us what worked for you. And if you think you like this article, please share!


Heer Khant
Heer Khant

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