3 Ways In Which Our Lives Would Change Without Smartphones

Can you wonder a life deprived of a smartphone? People would then be devoting hours merely exploring modest details which can be Googled in smartphones within a fraction of seconds.

This article deals with life changes that could happen without smartphones, just like it is said, ‘a person realizes the value of something only when it is lost’.

There are various ways in which our lives would change without smartphones. Some of them are here:

Deprived Of Frequent High-Speed Internet Access

If you are traveling on a bus and only know the destination but the path is unknown. Now you have to locate yourself. You would open Google map in smartphones but without it? “Where there is a will, there is a way”. You have to keep on asking the bus conductor about bus stops and passengers about how much distance more. To get to a place, you would be left at the mercy of the public transport drivers and often keep looking for the best road to get to your destination. That was just about navigation.

Now, what if you want to buy a new speaker or anything else? You would look for options on various e-commerce websites on your smartphone but here “God helps those who help themselves”. Manually go to a store and buy and feel awkward to ask for the prices of each and every one.

Sending A Photograph

Imagine this – a girl says, “Send your selfie,” on a phone call. Suppose for a while that if smartphones were not there then: a boy gives a shocked and reply “Okay.” He then takes his reel camera, captures instant photographs. Perhaps he might ask someone else to click. After that, he would go to a photo studio to get the photos developed. Or if we assume that we had digital cameras, he would still have to go through the pain of emailing them to the girl after transferring them in the computer.

After a thorough survey of pics looking for the best one which his girl would like he takes a sigh of relief. Like olden days he’ll post it inside the envelope. Wait! her address? Guy now at the post office calls the girl from a nearby store. As said, “Trouble comes, then it comes from every direction”. Girl finds it an “unknown number” doesn’t pick up assuming some creep fellow on another side. This doesn’t let him send the photograph. Poor boy!

Easily the boy can click a selfie in his smartphone and send through Facebook or Whats App. Without smartphones? Such a task!

Blessed With A Peaceful Sleep

You know masses are dependent on smartphones for alarms, unknown of the fact that brightness and radiation coming out from the phones is troublesome for their health and sleep patterns.

A survey mentions that 88% of people pick up their smartphones before sleep at night and closely 2/3rd  of masses are addicted to using the phones in bed during sleep time, parting a reduced amount of period to relax eye muscles before sleep.

Deprived of smartphones – then we would have an alarm clock for alarm, safe of radiations. Last viewed thing would be your ceiling fan above you or a beautiful starry night outside your window. Medically proven facts say that eyes are the most sensitive organs in our body and now while sleep photo-receptor cells will relax leading to stress-free sleep.


Phew! Can you imagine your life without smartphones?

Rishabh Kumar
Rishabh Kumar

A soon to be tech graduate who has a knack of writing and a sack full of dreams.

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