Go ‘Mamma Mia’ With Continental Food! Have Your Tried These Dishes?

Look at the changing picture of continental food which has no longer adhered to its boundaries and soon has been eaten in various countries. It has become something like a symbol of globalisation – food has given us a chance to get a taste of a completely different culture.

Cuisines are often termed after the terrestrial zones from which they originate. A cuisine is chiefly subjective by the elements that are existing either in the neighbourhood or via import. Continental cuisine, is a universal term jointly stating to the cuisines of Europe, North America, Italy, and U.K. These inherit considerable relevance from continental immigrants.

British food is related to the food culture of United Kingdom. British continental food is generally famous for breakfast.

American cuisine is categorized with their expenses: North-American cuisine and Latin American cuisine.

Italian cuisine is well-known for its diverse dishes appropriate for every occasion.

Continental food generally has fewer chillies, very minimal amount of spices, fresh herbs, cold meats, pies, pastries, jam, bread and dairy products.

Here are four dishes you should try:

1. Welsh cake:

Photo: walesonline.co.uk

It is a special British cake. Welsh cake is popular in international cuisine. Prepared with baking powder, flour, sugar, minimal spice, and a pinch of salt. When served with jam and cheese, or sugar peppered over, it is delicious. You won’t be able to stop yourself from taking another bite!

2. Yorkshire Pudding:

Photo: thespruce.com

It is a kind of pudding mainly served in the U.K. flavoured with pepper, eggs, milk, and salt. Evenly poured batter from the oven makes the puddings puffed up and fried. The crisp sound while eating is audible to others as well!

3. Black Bean Pizza:

Photo: mexicanplease.com

It is a kind of pizza made with black bean and other flavoured ingredients. This dish is an over the top, vegetarian mixture with a black bean sprinkle, pickled jalapeno, olives, cheese, and tomatoes as its ingredients.

Continental dishes that are cooked slowly by grilling and roasting methods are low in calories. The fat levels are very low. Continental food predominantly comprises of eggs and meats which are high in protein items.

That’s a brief overview of continental cuisine especially for you. Analyze and you’ll realize how well famed and fruitful these are!

Rishabh Kumar
Rishabh Kumar

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