5 Bizarre New Year Traditions From Around The World

Everyone celebrates New Year across nations and cultures. Every country has its own way of celebrating New Year evening and some of those celebrations are not about dancing, drinking or spending time with family.
Here are some bizarre traditions from around the globe:

Scarecrow burning – Ecuador

To destroy any unlucky or bad things that happened in the past year, Ecuadorians set fire to scarecrows filled with paper on midnight of New Year’s Eve. They burn photos of experience they faced in the past year as well. These things lead them to believe that New Year is just an excuse for Ecuadorian pyromaniacs to set things on fire.

Broken plates – Denmark

Photo: mcleodgroup.ca

If you have been to Denmark and woke in the morning to find a pile of smashed crockery outside your room door, it is probably New Year’s Eve. Unused crockery is saved up all year till the last date of December when they are hurled at the front doors of friends and family.They think this is a display of affection.

Eating 12 grapes – Spain

When the clock strikes 12 and people around the world are preparing to watch fireworks, Spaniards will be staring at bunches of grapes. This challenge involves stuffing your mouth with 12 grapes, one for every second of the bell. If completed, one will get good luck for the year ahead.

Takanakuy Festival – Peru

Photo: thedailymail.co

This Peruvian festival is held at the end of December and is all about people beating each other. Competitors face off each other in a ring which is overseen by local policemen. But apparently, all of the fights are friendly and represent a fresh start for the year. This is considered as one of the strangest celebration – it might be a way of resolving disputes once and for all and start with a clean slate.

 108 rings – Japan

In Japan, bells are rung 108 times as in  Buddhist tradition it is believed that it makes all wrong deeds made by humans disappear. It is also considered as good luck to do so at the beginning of the year. So easy to wash away sins, isn’t it?

How did you spend your New Year’s Eve?

S. Karthika
S. Karthika

A Tamilian girl from Chennai, who loves travelling & gathering new experiences in her backpack. An engineer cum writer who has immense knowledge of words. Her articles are dedicated to those who have the zeal to achieve their dreams and who believe they can.

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