5 Bollywood Relationships That Were Once The Talk Of The Town

It is very difficult to keep things private in the film industry. Some relationships have always been on the radar and observed by everyone. These couples have now parted their ways.
Let us tell you about some famous couples of the industry who are now no longer together.

Siddharth and Soha Ali Khan:

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Soha Ali Khan made waves in the industry when she debuted. After rumours began circulating about her relationship with ‘Rang De Basanti’ co-star ‘Siddharth’, things caught more fire. They both started dating during the shoot of this movie and unfortunately after some years came the news that they’re no longer together.

Vidya Balan and Shahid Kapoor:

Photo: Screengrab/Kismat Konnection

Since the time of their movie ‘Kismat Konnection’ both of them found some connection in each other. Both of them dated for quite some time. Vidya Balan even quoted in an interview with the Times of India, “If someone who matters to you talks you down, it can break you. That someone whose approval mattered to me started to find fault with me constantly. At that time, it was important to walk away from that relationship.”

Ranbir Kapoor and Avantika Malik:

Photo: indiatoday.in

He is the headline and will always be. He once dated Avantika Malik who is now married to actor Imran Khan and are blessed with a kid. Ranbir dated Avantika many years back but the duo broke up, and now they are on very good terms as Imran and Ranbir are good friends.

Govinda and Rani Mukherji:

Photo: filmibeat.com

Everyone knows that something was cooking between these two actors, they’ve been seen together in so many movies as they had a good chemistry. Govinda was married and his relationship rumours with Rani Mukherji were the headline of every page back then. Rani has said in public that Govinda’s wife threatened to leave him and had lots of problems with them.

Pooja Batra and Akshay Kumar:

Photo: hindustantimes.com

They were together for quite some months and later parted their ways. Akshay Kumar has been involved with so many actresses and this was a confirmed one because actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan on Koffee With Karan shared many instances of the actor’s life. She went on to say that Kumar was in an alleged relationship with actress Pooja Batra.

But truth always lies somewhere in the middle. Not everything that is printed, is always true. Judge for yourself.

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