5 Dog Characters From Films That Are Truly Adorable

“A dog is the only thing on Earth that loves you more than you love yourself.”

– Josh Billings

If you have a dog at home you know the love it showers on you, even if you don’t have the time to spend with it. It will stare at you with those adorable eyes and melt your heart in less than a second. But if you don’t have a dog at home and still love them, you might not know that you are missing out on.

These films beautifully bring out the bond between a human and a dog. We love these dog characters:

1. Benji:

Aww! That’s the first thing that you’ll say when you look at the picture above. Benji is this lovely dog who gets attached to a boy when he offers it some strawberries and then follows him. What ensues after is a series of misfortunes from which the kids get saved only because of Benji’s smartness and loyalty. If you want to know what a dog can do to your life, watch this film.

2. Hachiko:

Hachiko, the dog from the movie Hachi: A Dog’s Tale was real. It is the story of how a dog ends up in the United States by accident from Japan and is adopted by a professor who is overcome by love for the dog. As their bond strengthens, the dog follows the professor to the train station every day and waits for him there till he gets back. One day the professor doesn’t come back…but Hachi continues to wait – till death.

3. Bailey:

Bailey or the number of names the dog has in the movie, ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ is a lovely dog who selflessly helps his masters in their lives, often saving their souls. Bailey’s reincarnations and the story of all of his lives is beautiful and overwhelming.

4. Marley:

That naughty, cute dog that will win your heart and make you laugh is Marley from the film Marley & Me. The couple, Jenny & John adopt Marley as a new-born Labrador puppy to see if they are ready to start a family. Marley is a dog that works on his own whims and freedom-loving. The untrainable Marley will win your heart even though the dog is addressed to as the ‘world’s worst dog’.

5. Bolt:

Bolt is an animated superstar dog who believes he has superpowers – until he realises he doesn’t. Bolt and Penny, a seven-year-old girl star in a series where Bolt saves Penny from various misfortunes using his superpowers. But when Penny is in trouble in real life, Bolt springs back into action. You will fall in love with this dog!

If you haven’t watched these movies yet, watch them today! They will fill you with love and fill in the missing void a bit.

Heer Khant
Heer Khant

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