5 Gadgets That You Must Have In The 21st Century

These 5 gadgets make life easier in the 21st century.


Android, iPhone, and Smartphones have factually redefined the approach towards life. Now, a mobile is not merely for calls, to take photos or playing games. They can be connected to nay other device and do wonders, almost as if they have a digital pulse. You can watch movies on them, have immediate access to Facebook or Whatsapp and YouTube as well and, play video games same as in PCs, listen and keep the collection of your music, and what not –  these applications are merely a few drops of the vast ocean.


The world is becoming digital nowadays. Nearly all everyday jobs are performed via digital means. There were days when files, information was entered by hand and enormous physical journals were retained safely. This is the age of computers. From scripting your letters to preserving records, from watching movies to net surfing, a laptop is handy on all instances. The lone downside in using desktop computers is that it’s challenging to carry them from place to place. This is the point when a laptop dominates above the PCs as it can be easily ported.


Technology has made road maps either more or less out of work – this you can expect from a modern gadget like GPS. Those days have vanished when we were sitting at home viewing every side of the road on road maps. These voice-guided navigation systems are a gift to most of us as they show you not just the time to reach a destination but also the traffic, the distance and the facilities around you. You can also use them to find ATMs, petrol pumps, hospitals etc. You’ll realize its importance on a trip to an unknown location.

Digital Camera

You know pictures created from a camera in olden days hold a definite appeal, it indeed was lagging as soon as people grasped that the ‘reel is complete, so no more photos can be taken’. So, to get cameras technologically advanced was necessary. Currently, you capture numerous photographs and it isn’t limited to prompt viewing, but also prompt access to hard-copy within moments with dazzling picture clarity.

With a generation that is selfie and travel-crazy, cameras are a most as our phones do not offer all the features of a camera. They come handy in capturing memories to reminiscence with, after.

Smart TV

Altogether from the coziness of sofa and cushion, the remote control lets you express to your idiot box to stop live TV if you have to take up a call. You view it all in spectacular High Definition, you rewind, record the whole series whilst you watch something else.

You can also connect you Smart TV to YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video and stream online content in no time. Gone are the days of waiting for the cable operator to play a movie for you.


How many of these gadgets do you have?

Rishabh Kumar
Rishabh Kumar

A soon to be tech graduate who has a knack of writing and a sack full of dreams.

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