5 Inventions By Indians Without Which We Would Be Living Very Differently

In this article, you will get a glimpse of the contribution of Indians to make the lives of people the way it is now. Also, you would grasp how our lives would have been today without it.

Zero – What a number!

Two Indian mathematicians are credited with developing it. Aryabhata of Kusumapura developed the place-value notation in the 5th century and a century later Brahmagupta introduced the symbol for zero.

Zero is the foundation of the present era. In today’s associated sphere, computers, calculus, financial accounting all this would be missing.

For example, how would one find the speed of the car at one particular instant? This is where zero and calculus enter the picture.

You would fight to do the basic arithmetic calculations.

Shampoo – How would we clean our hair?

We Indians are the actual inventors of the shampoo – originally recycled as an oil for head massage for the Bengal’s Nawabs through the Mughal Empire in the early 1700s.

In India, a diversity of herbs and flower were used as shampoos since ancient times.

I use the “no-poo” method of baking soda and apple cider vinegar for my hair.

There are many ways to keep your hair clean without shampoos like one mentioned above.

Buttons – We better not say anything!

Some buttons had holes pierced into them so that they could be attached to clothing with thread. The earliest known being found at Mohenjo-Daro in the Indus Valley.

Without functional buttons with buttonholes, we won’t be able to fasten or close clothes. Soon the widespread snug-fitting garments that you wear will vanish.

Even though we prefer using zippers these days to attach the two ends of a bag or clothing, buttons will go out style. Can you imagine wearing shirt or blazer only with only a zip and no button?  And they too were an Indian creation.

This question would arise how to tie loose ends or rather open ends in a good way?

All the designer wears T-shirts, shirts, cardigan to various jeans will lose its attractiveness Buttons, are more of an ornament or decoration rather than a normal button.

Rulers – No measurements, no idea of the world’s size!

The scale that we use to measure various things in life was invented by Indians. Rulers or scales made of ivory were first used during the Indus Valley Civilization prior to 1500 BCE.

Now whether you’re a school kid or a working person, for measurement, the first thing that comes to your mind is the ruler or the scale.

Without desk rulers, you wouldn’t be able to measure, to draw lines or have a straight guide for cutting with a sharp blade.

You would be wearing ill-fitting attires as measurement is extremely important in the tailoring industry. A ruler is needed to measure a person’s waist measurements for example, so there is a folding measurement instrument for that purpose.

Cotton – thank God for it!

Well, cotton has been the backbone of the agricultural sector of India for a long time. Cotton cultivation dates back to 5th century BCE when the Greeks were still wearing animal hide.

You would be facing the scorching sun in synthetic fiber clothes as the versatility, softness, and durability are just a few of the qualities that have earned it the title of the ‘best fabric material’.

Canvas: Cushions, slipcovers, shower curtains, would never have been so comfortable.

Chintz: Your upholstery and curtains for the English country look and romantic bedrooms would be deprived of floral designs or stripes.


You must have realized after going through this article that India and Indians have given rise to many new things without which world would have been many variants then it is now. Imagine your live without these!

Rishabh Kumar
Rishabh Kumar

A soon to be tech graduate who has a knack of writing and a sack full of dreams.

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