5 Not-So-Known Islands In India That You Must Visit!

Ever since we have heard tales of Atlantis and other lost islands, the subject of undiscovered or hidden islands has been a fascinating subject.

When we learn geography and read about the different places on Earth, we feel as if everything is out there for us to explore since Earth is our home. However, there are some islands on this blue planet that are hidden and often arouse a lot of curiosity.

Some islands, can be visited, some cannot.

In popular fiction, islands have often been the centre of various mystery plots as they are an ideal ‘location’ to add to the suspense of the work.

Here are five hidden islands in India, that you haven’t heart about. Yet.

1) Sao Jacinto, Goa

Photo: trawell.in

Goa, a tourist’s paradise! This beach state houses a beautiful Sao Jacinto island which is located just a few kilometres away from Goa’s Dabolim airport in Bogmalo.

The beauty of the island lies in the fact that it is pristine and untouched by commercialisation and doesn’t have hotel constructions of any kind. It has preserved the natural habitat for 40 years and thus makes for a very good spot to visit.

There are two structures at the island that one can see.  St. Hyacinthe Cathedral and an abandoned Portuguese lighthouse. At the island, there is an underwater tunnel that can be reached through Siridao beach. A bridge connecting the tiny island to the nearest mainland is called Silver Gate Bridge – which in itself is very scenic.

2) Hope Island, Andhra Pradesh

Photo: wikipedia.org

This island was made by the drifting of the sand from the Godavari river, more than two centuries ago!

The island is in the shape of a tadpole.  This island gives protection from the cyclones coming from the Bay of Bengal and it is due to the Hope island Kakinada has become the safest natural harbour in east India.

Kakinada port is where you should be to hop on a ferry that will take you to this island.

The island has a few government buildings and fisherman shacks. There is a tip from where the Bay of Kakinada and Kakinada harbour is visible and that view is breath-taking.

Hope Island had been in the news recently because a lot of carcasses of Olive Ridley turtles had washed ashore on its beaches.

3) Bet Dwarka, Gujarat

Photo: india.com

This is one is comparatively known to the people due the presence of few famous temples at the island.

To reach the island a ferry is available from Okha.

There are many other religious sites and scenic beaches here.  There is a point which is surrounded by the sea on all the three sides, which is called the Dunny point.

Bet Dwarka is an ancient city of Dwarka which is mentioned in the Mahabharata. The island also has evidence that there was a prime trade route between ancient Rome and India through here.

4) Kavvayi, Kerela

Photo: incrediblekerala.org

Famous travellers such as Marco Polo, Ibn Battuta and Abdul Fida have mentioned about Kavvayi in their works. It is a tiny island in the largest backwaters of North Kerala.

To reach there a ferry is available from the mainland or through the Mavila Kadapurram Bridge. The nearest railway station is Cheruvathur, which comes on the Kozhikode – Mangalore route.

The island measuring 37 sq. km. is the largest ecosystem of North Kerala.

This place was a crucial place for the British East India Company, as it was a home to the magistrate court and zamindars had a large port here.

5) Quibble Island, Tamil Nadu

Photo: junglekey.in

Quibble island is a wonder – because it lies near Chennai’s hustle bustle and yet manages to offer peace and solitude.

To reach the island, one must take a connecting road leading to Adyar and then a ferry available to the island. Guindy Railway Station is the nearest.

Adyar river has four small islands, Quibble being the largest one. 

There is a cemetery formed on the Quibble island due to the battle in 1746 between the French-led Indian soldiers and Nawab’s forces that resulted in the death of many.

Samyak Sheth
Samyak Sheth

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