5 Life-Changing Lessons To Learn From Apple’s Pioneer Steve Jobs

The pioneer of Apple – the world’s largest IT company – Steve Jobs has put his everything and created Apple. It has taken his life’s work to produce the Apple gadgets, that we love today.

Steve Jobs loved the company with the whole of his heart. Apple was his idea – his baby. Jobs was a person who was loved by everyone around him, his presence was strong and influential and he learned a lot from life. Irrespective of such much wealth, Jobs was a down to earth person.

Here are five lessons we can learn from Steve Jobs:

1) Always have the passion for what you do:

Do great work in life, work is an essential part of the life. Love your work, see how much solace and content it is providing you. Whatever you are passionate about, never settle for less and never even settle unless you have not found it, keep looking, doing other things till you find what you love. When your heart is poured in the work, you will get to know where to engage your passion and in which direction.

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2) Be the driver of your own life and remember to take in passengers:

Jobs was an absolute leader in life, he was never distracted by his notions and his big plans about Apple. He respected one thing is that tasks should be divided. Jobs hired the best people, who were willing to give their best for the company. The work was accomplished as a combined effort of many. Even though it was Jobs’ vision, it was his ability to work together that created Apple.

3) Have the quality of bringing out the best from the ones around you:

Steve Jobs believed in versatility, always engaged in quality work. The people he hired to be a part of his vision could do their best because of the leader – Jobs – knew how to bring out best from the people around him. He also could demand the best which enabled him to filter the ones that weren’t suited for a role. Demanding great work from the people can help them see their own potential.

Young Steve Jobs During Apple Debut | Photo: biography.com

4) Know your worth completely and never settle:

In this matters of heart Jobs would have never settled for less and he knew that he had it in himself. In personal and professional life never ever settle down for less, always be proud of your worth. Don’t compromise on your self-respect. If you undersell yourself it harms your own potential. Also, never possess the habit of boasting about your abilities which will, in the end, come back to you with a regret.

5) Be strong and persistent:

The work of life is to test your patience and strength and life will always come with hurdles, in the end, it will be you who will not have lost faith. Life is not something to give up, even though you have been rejected every time. Success does not come at an easy cost and many things will be at stake. Failures make you a better, smarter person. Be persistent.

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As it is said, it is wise to learn from others and make new mistakes, instead of repeating the old ones.

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Samyak Sheth
Samyak Sheth

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