5 New Drinks To Try This June To Lift Your Spirits!

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India has been growing at godspeed now which has also increased the new variety of alcohol from outside the country in the Indian market.

There are so many things like whiskeys, craft beers, gin to try! There have been some tempting new releases that you can try this month.

These are new releases which should be tried once for what its worth:

1) Star of Bombay:

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The shape of the bottle is the attraction for this new gin. Star of Bombay is named after the largest sapphire in the world, Bombay Sapphire which is one of the new premium gins in the Indian market.

The taste of the gin is exquisitely fresh because of the addition of the Bergamot seeds and Ambrette seeds, which is also written on the bottle.

Star of Bombay costs Rs 5700 in Mumbai and is also available in Goa, Karnataka and Delhi.

2) Chimay:

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This product is Trappist Beer which has been brewed only within the walls of certain monasteries and overseen by the monks, in Belgium. Chimay Beer is the most famous and popular Trappist beer in the world.

Chimay beer was launched recently in India, with two new editions available- The Chimay Gold Blonde Ale and this is the original of the brand Chimay Red Dark Ale, both are priced at Rs 550 in Mumbai.

3) Simba:

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Simba is one of the new additions in the craft beer industry in the country. Simba’s first product the ‘Stout’ which is the original one and locally produced is brewed in the state of ‘Chattisgarh’.

The second one ‘Wit’ which is a Belgian style beer, has the addition of lemongrass giving the ‘Wit’ a very fresh and tangy taste.

Simba’s bottle has a picture of the roaring lion and it is available in Goa, at the price of just Rs 90.

4) Simona:

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Simona launched a new addition ‘Hefeweizen’ after the bright yellow ‘Happy Lager’, which brews in Europe’s ‘Bosnia’. In Bosnia, it is a homegrown brand which is imported to India.

Simona’s newest was launched in January and it is made in the style of a crisp German beer, with the addition of wheat-like taste after taking the first sip.

You will get it for Rs 200 in Delhi and Rs 300 in Mumbai.

5) Glenfiddich Experimental Series:

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The scotch giant of the world ‘Glendfiddich’ launched two new additions. The Glenfiddich Experimental Series has unusual ‘Single Malts’. IPA was the first addition launched under the banner of experimental series which was followed by Project XX (Project 20). These two whiskeys were recently launched in the country.

Which one are you going to try?

Samyak Sheth
Samyak Sheth

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