5 Quotes From Les Misérables That Will Give You A Push

Its famous author Victor Hugo’s birthday today. And what is a better way to celebrate the author’s life than remembering his work?

Hugo was a French writer who lived during the 19th century and lives through his words today.

One of Hugo’s famous works was Les Misérables – a classic novel published in 1862 that has been loved across generations. Here are five quotes from the novel that will give you the motivation you need to keep going in life.

1. “Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.” 

We all go through so many struggles and sometimes, like Shakespeare said, problems come in battalions. Hugo’s words are the ray of hope that we need when we are tired and frustrated of dealing with the problems life throws at us. It is the hope of the rising sun that will keep you going until dawn.

2. “It is nothing to die. It is frightful not to live.” 

What a beautiful thought! Most of us are afraid of death – our own and of our loved ones. But have you ever wondered how it would be if people only survived and did not live? That is what we really should be afraid of. Death is, a portal to a world we don’t know anything about.

3. “Not being heard is no reason for silence.” 


Some of us have brilliant minds and mute voices – sometimes we are so tired of seeing wrong happening to us and those around us that we can’t bear it anymore and start speaking up against it. Keep raising your voice, keep talking even if no one is listening to you. Like Hugo says, not being heard is no reason for silence.

4. “Those who do not weep, do not see.” 

Who has ever wished for sorrow that brings tears to our eyes, in life? But it is necessary. Pain is necessary to clear your mind, crying makes your vision about life better. Adversity is necessary to appreciate happiness. So if you are going through a tough time, remember, it is for good.

5. “There are no weeds, and no worthless men. There are only bad farmers.” 

As children, we learn from our teachers and our parents. As we grow, we learn from our peers – the good and the bad both. Some of us, become wise early and start learning from books and the experiences of others. All the things and people we learn from are farmers. Even the experiences in life are farmers that grow our mind into crops bearing fruit. No one ever is worthless, the seed just needs to be sowed well.

If these quotes give you the strength that you were looking for in life, do share the wisdom with others who may be in need of it. Happy birthday Victor Hugo!

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Heer Khant
Heer Khant

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