5 Really Point Blank Quotes By Philosophers To Ponder Upon

There are optimists and then there are pessimists. After that there come the realists – the ones who see the world as it is. And they are necessary. It is very difficult to see things like they are, without giving a shade of positive or negative to it.

Philosophy has let us evolve because when we wonder about our actions and attempt to change them, questioning things, we become philosophers.

The world has had some great philosophers do the thinking. Here are five really point blank and brutally true quotes to read and think upon today!


Does that hit you hard? Voltaire’s makes one wonder whether we invented God so in our tough times we had a support to lean on, a support to blame and a support to pray to. What do you think?


What defines happiness for one person could be a meal with one roti and some onions but the same meal might mean disappointment for another. Kant says it well when he calls happiness an ideal of imagination, doesn’t he?


Sometimes even theists wonder whether God exists – did we leave too much on the God in the skies and stopped acting ourselves? If God exists, did he make a mistake by creating a mankind that can act so depraved? Points to ponder upon.


People kill for their beliefs. Do you remember how you believed as a kid that Santa Claus was real? Do you still believe the same? Don’t our beliefs grow as we grow in age and maturity?


While most will accept anything that has good enough reasons behind it, sometimes some things might bring you closer to yourself, to the truth of finding your purpose even if they are completely unreasonable. Like quitting your job and travelling the world for example? Think about it. Is reason always the best cape to flaunt?

If you think that we need to start thinking again, share the article with your friends and have a healthy discussion.

“Cogito, ergo sum.”

– Rene Descartes

Heer Khant
Heer Khant

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