5 Really Strange Temples & Mosques In India That Will Shock Even The Superstitious

So many times we’ve heard this – ‘India is a land of temples’. In every city and village of India, we’ll find temples. Some are huge and made with an expense of hundreds of crores while some are really tiny and might just be rocks under a tree.

As we battle with superstition and walk towards modernity, there are some temples in India where bizarre and unbelievable practices take place.

After you read this article, you’ll end up questioning yourself whether you are really living in the 21st century.

1. Digambeshwara Temple, Karnataka:

Photo: navrangindia.blogspot.com

This controversial temple is infamous for its ritual of throwing young children from the top of the temple- from a height of 30 feet. Why? Because the locals believe that doing this will ensure good health and bring good luck to these children! The exact opposite could happen – the child could end up dead! Imagine how frightened the children must be. Even though the officials want this practice to stop, the locals in Karnataka’s Bagalkot district refuse to stop.

2. Mehandipur Balaji Temple, Rajasthan:

Photo: vicinito.com

The reason why this temple is on the list is because the people throng to this place when they believe that an evil spirit has possessed the body of someone they know and then the people at the temple perform an exorcism! In the name of exorcism, the people who might be mental patients are subjected to all kinds of ‘treatment’ using ‘black magic’! You will find them banging their heads on the wall or tied up – for ‘treatment’!

3. Baitala Deula, Bhubhaneshwar:

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

This temple in Bhubhaneshwar is a temple of tantriks. The deity, Chamunda, who is worshipped in the temple is portrayed in a position where she is shown sitting on a corpse. You would also find her holding a snake, bow, shield, sword, trident, thunderbolt and an arrow. in the temple, other unusual forms are seen like the skeleton form of Bhairava. It is said that tantriks choose this temple as they believe that an energy reverberates here which is centuries old. People approach these ‘tantriks’ for a variety of reasons and we know what happens later.

4. Sath Gumbaz Mosque, Gulbarga:

Photo: indiatimes.com

In the name of curing children with disabilities, the children are buried till the neck in the mud – these children are very young, some may be a few months old! Why? Because the mud is believed to be holy. And this is not just for a few minutes that the children are buried – it happens for a few hours and the children aren’t taken out even if they start crying!

5. Kodungallur Bhagavathy Temple, Kerala:

Photo: keralatourism.org

While temples are a place to ‘worship’, this one is where the deity is abused. Yes, abused. The devotees will at first sing and dance while gulping alcohol and soon they will begin abusing the deity in profane language reaching the highest levels of obscenity. They would then hit the walls of the temples with sticks!

It happens, even today!

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