5 Reasons Why Being A Housewife/Househusband Is The Most Difficult Job In The World

You are out in a function, meeting your old friends from college. You get chatting, asking about each other’s lives and what you have been up to. When your turn comes, you say that you are a housewife – you say that with some shyness and embarrassment and most of the people present there will give you looks – looks that say that ‘you are doing nothing’, ‘just a housewife?’ and other such remarks that will shoot down your self-esteem.

When Manushi Chillar won the Miss World crown and answered that her mom’s job was the most difficult in the world, she was right. It was completely on point! We tell you why.

1. You work 24×7:

You wake up before everyone else and sleep after them. Every tiny household chore, from dealing with the bais and cooking for the family is your responsibility.  You are expected to know what your family wants without them saying it. You deal with the whims and fancies of every person at home and work without wanting to disappoint them. Phew! Exhausting isn’t it?

2. Even on public holidays, you have no holiday:

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In fact, on a public holiday, you have more work. Since your people are at home, they expect fancy dinners and lunches and will make sure that they soil the floors of the house that you just got cleaned. Also, on a public holiday, you might not be able to enjoy that peaceful afternoon nap or have any time to yourself. People will behave with you as if you are at their beck and call!

3. You are responsible for the emotional and physical health of your family:

Be it mannerisms that need to be taught to the children or if someone in the family catches a cold – you are suddenly responsible for it all. You take care of their tailored food habits, according to their illness, sit beside them and most important of all – you worry for hours and pray for their health to get better. If you see one of your family members in stress, you feel responsible to ease it for them. You know everyone in and out and don’t expect anything in return.

4. You face disrespect from people about ‘not working’ and don’t give a damn:

Forget outsiders, sometimes your own people would treat you with disrespect because you don’t work. But then how does the house stay clean, their stomach stays full and every single need of theirs is taken care of? If you don’t work, how is all of that possible? Your friends of the same gender might have a six-figure salary and look at you as if you are a lazy bum. Dealing with all of this will require the strength of ten people!

5. People expect you to do their work, your work and the work of the entire world because you are at ‘home all day’:

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Your better half will assign you to do something, your children will give you another task. If you live in a joint family, there will be an array of tasks from the elders in the family. And let’s not forget your neighbour who comes to ask for ingredients that she lacks to cook food every now and then! Being a housewife or a househusband requires a lot of multi-tasking, with a cool mind. You might be home all day, but you definitely aren’t idle.

Can you relate to it? Stop being ashamed that you are a housewife or househusband. If that is what you like, if that is what you want to do, trust me, it is a full-time job that you are never going to get a holiday from!

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