5 Reasons Why We Should Thank Our Mothers Today & Forever

The whole world is suddenly valuing their mothers and posting photos saying, ‘Happy Mother’s Day’. Is that where it all ends? Should we not remember their sacrifices, their contributions to our lives every now and then, and not annually once?

When you wish your mom, a Happy Mother’s Day today, remember to thank her for all of this. The best way to thank her though, will be to stop taking her for granted.

1. For giving birth to you:

Remember that time when you said harsh things to your mother simply because she was stopping you from falling into the pit (sometimes literally)? Or when you hated her for not letting you go out at a certain time in the night – or on that trip with your friends? The reason why you are able to experience these desires of adventure is that she chose to give birth to you. Your existence is her giving. She felt 57del of pain (equal to the breaking of 20 bones simultaneously) when a human body can bear only 45del.

2. For being there for you 24×7:

She will happily put your needs first. She has always done that and will continue doing so. Even if she is a working mother, her time post work and on official holidays is not really off. Her job is never-ending. We simply take it for granted what she does for us while we lie in our bed listening to music and thinking about how our life sucks. From cooking to helping you cope with life’s troubles, she is always on her toes.

3. For forgiving you even before you ask for forgiveness:

We all have spoken rudely with our mothers and insulted them in our lifetime. It can be teen angst or her endeavours to make us do better in life. We would bang the door of our bedrooms on her face or walk out and get back in late into the night when she will constantly worry about us. Has she ever held a grudge? Think about it.

4. For being your best friend:

Somehow, mothers have always been a trove of love. We approach them when we cannot approach anything else. She will be that bright star shining on a dark night. You can tell her your troubles and like a pro, she will help you get through them. She will never judge you and hold it against you when you do something really foolish. Whether you are 3 or 30, mothers are always your best friends.

5. For always knowing what’s not right for you:

Remember how you introduced a friend to her and she told you to beware? You then went on a rant, defending the same friend who would a few months later backstab you. You would then know that she was always right. She always knows and sees what we cannot. Thank her for that. Thank her for always looking out for you.

There are endless reasons to thank your mother. Did you know that we inherited our intelligence from our mothers, according to a recent study?

Happy Mother’s Day! Go give her a bear hug!

Heer Khant
Heer Khant

Traveller | Writer | Photographer | Maverick | Social Worker | Lawyer | A freedom-loving woman for whom words are like wings to her soul. She believes in aliens, hates boundaries and lives like the first human on Earth.

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