5 Reasons Why You Should Go On A Solo Trip And Soon!

“Travel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”

– Gustave Flaubert

There are two kinds of people in this world (reminds me of Abhishek Bachchan’s dialogue – is duniya me do tarah ke log hote hai…if you know what I mean) – the ones who stick to one place their whole life and refuse to acknowledge a world different than theirs and the others who want to explore every bit of this planet they are born in.

If you are the explorer, then you haven’t truly explored the world or for that matter yourself if you haven’t gone on a solo trip. There is nothing more blissful than travelling alone, with nothing else but one’s own thoughts, feelings and wishes as friends.

There are many people who have found themselves only after travelling because often, some distance puts everything into perspective.

Here are five reasons why you should go on a solo-trip – start planning today:

1. You work according to your own clock:

Travelling with someone else involves a lot of waiting, dragging, compromising and what not. But when you are alone – it’s a gala time! You don’t have to miss out a place to visit, you can set your own schedules and function according to your own clock. No compromising – solo-travel is about what YOU want.

2. To get in touch with your self:

It gets too crowded and noisy sometimes to say that occasional hello to yourself. Travelling alone gives you plenty of time to have a long long conversation with yourself. You never know what you might find within!

3. To rid yourself of all fears:

There is a certain taboo associated with doing things ‘alone’. People will give you stares if you are going for a movie alone, eating alone in a restaurant or going on a trip alone. Why? Two reasons. Either they think you are crazy or they think you won’t be safe. In both the cases, you should still go travel alone. That famous dialogue from the Thumbs Up ad fits here – darr ke aage… yes you know the rest.

4. To understand the difference between alone and lonely:

This is a really important thing to understand. It is not necessary that if you are alone, you are lonely and that if you are lonely, you are alone. Being alone is a good thing. You steer clear of anyone else and understand that your best company, is your own. Travelling alone will help you understand the difference between alone and lonely better.

5. To fall in love with yourself again:

What we skip doing is falling in love with ourself – we love things and we love people but how can we do that if we don’t truly love ourselves? Your solo-trip will pamper you. It will help you see how strong, how amazing you are. Meeting new people is always a plus.

You will definitely come back a changed person as you deal with not just the fun part alone but also all the other parts of the trip on your own. If something goes wrong, you are going help yourself. That will make you more responsible.

Make sure you are careful and always on alert when setting foot in a strange land. Ask for help from the locals if you are lost, they will always be willing to do so. Otherwise, you are all set!

Preview Photo: wiwigo.com

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Heer Khant

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