5 Things That Will Happen Only With Your Brother Or Sister

This article is an ode to a life with siblings – those people whom we love from the bottom of our hearts!

Most of us are very familiar with the cartoon ‘Tom And Jerry’. The relationship that Tom, the cat shares with Jerry, the mouse is exactly how the relationship between siblings is.

You cannot live without them but you cannot live without harassing them also. While we all love our siblings, there are these five things that we do without fail.

1. Strike Deals!

If you do a favour for your sibling, you strike a deal that she shall treat you for that. You do nothing for free. Everything has a price! If mom wants to send you to the grocery store and you are too lazy to do that, you ask your sibling to go instead. But then comes the waffle treat in exchange!

2. Keep Secrets!

You just found your sibling is in love! Although you keep threatening to spill their secrets, you never will. After all who will keep your secrets in the future?

3. Turn Into A Spy!

You are always curious to know what your sibling is upto. You would go the extent of even checking their phones to know what is up. Sometimes you turn into a spy out of concern and the other times just because you need to have some fun!

4. Be There For Them When No One Is!

It is very difficult to find friends that are trustworthy. But you sibling is often your best friend whom you can confide into even at odd hours of the night. They will be there for you. They will cover up for you and even give you wise advices (for which they will take credit later, inevitably).

5. Steal Their Clothes And Other Things Without Permission!

If your sibling is of the same gender that nothing is ever theirs alone. It is yours as well. You might scream at them for taking your things without asking you first but you will grab theirs rightfully! Not just clothes but also bags, devices, accessories and sometimes even money are shared commodities.

We should be thankful for siblings, shouldn’t we? They add fun to our lives and at the same time make us feel protected! Three cheers for siblings – hip hip hurrah!

Share this with your siblings and see their reactions!

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