5 Times The World Claimed To Have Seen UFOs & Aliens!

UFO – when you hear or read these three letters,  your interest is piqued. We have, for time immemorial dealt with questions about the existence of life outside Earth. A UFO or an unidentified flying object is a mysterious object seen in the sky which is believed to belong to aliens.

Many people have claimed to have sighted UFOs entering the Earth’s atmosphere. Some have even gone to the extent of saying that they have seen mysterious creatures.

From 1440 BC when Egyptians spotted flying discs to 2018 in Long Island – there have been various reports of UFO sightings. We bring you the five most interesting ones in this time-span. Truth or fiction, you decide.

1. August 1883:

An astronomer named José Bonilla was at the Zacatecas Observatory in Mexico. He was observing sunspot activity and the day was going about as usual. But then something crazy happened. He later reported that he saw more than ‘300 dark, unidentified objects crossing the sun disk’. He took several photographs of the sightings. However, later on, post investigations it was found that these weren’t UFO sightings but high-flying geese. Were they?

2. June 1947:

This is one of the most interesting ones. There were reports of a UFO crash in Roswell, Mexico. Then came reports of the United States Army Air Forces capturing the flying saucer and the aliens. The buzz died down when it was explained that the crash was that of a weather balloon and nothing else. However, in 1978, when S.T. Friedman, a nuclear physicist and ufologist investigated the crash. He documented the site of the UFO crash in Roswell and later told a committee of the US House Of Representatives that Earth was being visited extraterrestrial vehicles.

3. August 1953:

In Rapid City, South Dakota and Bismarck, North Dakota a total of 45 people witnessed a UFO! They stated that they spotted a UFO that looked like a red glowing light. Could it be a mass hallucination? Or something else?

4. September 1954:

You are going to be shocked by this one. This was in Manbhum, Bihar, India. A grey UFO was spotted by not 1, or 10 but 800 people across three different villages in the area in the afternoon. Some of the people who saw it could not only tell the colour but also size it up. It was the size of about 12 feet.

5. May 1962:

This one is straight out of a sci-fi movie. In Argentina’s La Pampa Province, three truckmen were on their way to Jacinto Aráuz. Their names were Valentino Tomassini, Gauro Tomassini and Humberto Zenobi. At 4.10 in the morning, these three people saw an object lying in the open field. They said that it looked like a train coach and was illuminated. Later, it flew up, split into two parts and took off in different directions. Damn!

Do you believe in aliens?

Heer Khant
Heer Khant

Traveller | Writer | Photographer | Maverick | Social Worker | Lawyer | A freedom-loving woman for whom words are like wings to her soul. She believes in aliens, hates boundaries and lives like the first human on Earth.

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