5 Twists & Turns In Naseeruddin Shah’s Life That Make Him Biopic-Worthy

The teaser of this year’s much-awaited movie ‘Sanju’, whose teaser was released. The teaser has got more than an overwhelming response, the movie revolves around the life of actor ‘Sanjay Dutt’, who is played by ‘Ranbir Kapoor’ in the movie.

We think, a biopic should be made on veteran and versatile actor Naseeruddin Shah’s life. These facts show how interesting his life is!

1) Shah is upfront about smoking pot:

Yes, he is very much vocal about the fact that smoking weed gives him a lot of clarity. Shah has been stoned during many of the phases of his life.

Photo: The Express Tribune

2) Did you know he was stabbed?

Yes, he was literally stabbed by his friend named Rajendra Jaspal. The reason for stabbing Shah was that Jaspal was not getting any roles and Shah was getting all of them. Shah was stabbed while he was sitting in FTII canteen in Pune, friend and actor Om Puri rushed him to the hospital and then things got fine.

3) Not a good bonding with his father:

Naseeruddin Shah was very poor in academics and this was not acceptable to his father, Aley Mohammed Shah. His father could not understand him and the duo did not share a good relationship. Upon hearing Naseeruddin Shah’s decision to join a theatre group at Aligarh Muslim University, his father became more disappointed.

Photo: indianexpress.com

4) Shah was asked to audition for a role in Harry Potter:

He was asked to audition for the role of Albus Dumbledore after the original Richard Harris passed away. Makers of Harry Potter thought that Shah could do justice to this role, but he was not so keen on it so he turned it down.

5) He got into a fistfight with a director:

Yes, actor Naseeruddin Shah got into a fistfight with director M.M Baig, on the sets of ‘Masoom Gawah’ in 1990. Shah is a very intense person in real life. The reason behind this fistfight was that there were creative conflicts between the two. This thing still remains very much unresolved.

Photo: scroll.in

There are many more bright and dark shades in his life which make him one of the best actors and moreover a very interesting person, on whom a biopic should be made.

What do you think?

Preview Photo: scroll.in

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