5 Unbelievable Origins Of Everyday Words That Will Surprise You

We use English very commonly these days, using a variety of words. But not all of those words really meant the same in the past. These unbelievable origins of everyday words will change your perception completely.

1. Ketchup:

This word didn’t really mean tomato sauce. The word comes from the name of Chinese fish sauce called ke-tsiap. Later on, when ‘ketchup’ or ‘catsup’ was reinvented as a tomato product in Britain in the mid-eighteenth century, it became famous across the globe.

2. Salary:

Salarium (Latin word) was the name given to the money that soldiers received to buy salt. It was used at at time when salt was just discovered and was known to increase the flavour of food. Eventually, any money given to soldiers came to be known as salarium – and later as any money given to anyone in exchange for work. It is human nature to shorten long words and that is how salarium became salary.

3. Robot:

The word robot was coined by Czech playwright Karel Capek in his play Rossum’s Universal Robots in 1920 and back then it had nothing to do with artificial intelligence. The word robot was used to mean slavery and forced labour.

4. Muscles:

This one is crazy! Centuries ago, Romans thought that their body tissues in movement resembled the movement of a mouse. Muscles was derived from the Roman word ‘musculus’ which means literally translates into ‘mouse’! Completely opposite to how we look at muscles now, isn’t it?

5. Cell:

The word ‘cell’ was coined by scientist Robert Hooke while he was examining a plant under the microscope. Why did he call the sections in the plant as ‘cells’? Because they closely resembled what the living quarters of monks in a monastery looked like back then!

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Heer Khant
Heer Khant

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