5 Ways In Which Meditation Transforms Us

(Chapter 2)

The law of nature is to change, change from summer to winter, from spring to fall, from the light of the full moon to the darkness of the new moon.  Neither pains nor pleasure last forever.  Pleasure comes after pain and pain is followed again by pleasure.

Reflecting like this, one must learn to tolerate the blows of time with patience and learn not only to endure but also to expect a welcome, and enjoy both the joys as well as the sorrows of life. Meditation increases happiness in many folds.  Some of them are illustrated hereunder:

Awareness: Meditation makes you aware of your posture, your breathing, your gestures, your body movements, your energy, and your overall presence. This awareness alone makes you show up more confident and happier.  Confidence is a contagious and attractive quality to wake you up daily.

Tuning with vibe:  Meditation makes you pay more attention to your surroundings. It also makes you be totally present. You then easily pick up on the reaction of people around you, and as you tune into their energies, you show more empathy and compassion towards them. Giving and being of service to others increases your own happiness.

Clear Thoughts: Meditation helps you collect your thoughts and think clearly. It reminds you that you don’t need to be in a rush all day long, you can pause, you can be silent, you can think and hear your thoughts, and you get a lot of clarity from slowing down. Meditation also makes you pay attention to your breath; sending more oxygen to your brain and centring your whole body and mind as a result.

Emotions: Meditation enables you to channel your emotions with grace and control. It helps you show enthusiasm and exuberance without being overly silly. It helps you to be more certain and more assertive in your message. It helps you smooth out the edges. Just do as you would do if you are cleaning up audio waveforms and removing the peaks and valleys.

Connection: Meditation enables you to channel your emotions with grace and control. It helps you focus your attention on what is really important and let the unimportant stuff go in the process. For instance, you focus more on relationships and less on the minutia of life, the longer you meditate. Happier relationships are the key to more happiness!

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Archna Didi
Archna Didi

Archna Didi is a spiritual guru who has impacted the lives of innumerable people through her spiritual knowledge. She took diksha at an early age of 17 and has been guiding people on the path to meditation since then, selflessly.

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