5 Yummy Foods Of India That Are Every Foodie’s Paradise

India is a country which is rich in street foods. Street foods are cheaper than the five star cuisines and richer in terms of taste than the latter.

Spice is one of the key ingredients in Indian street foods – if you are not from India or used to eating spicy foods be prepared to have a completely different experience.


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It is a small round shaped puri like, fried hollow ball. The potato mix is stuffed inside by putting a hole in it using a finger.  Some people use an Indian dish called ‘ragda’ in place of a potata mix.

It is served with spicy water – that is made of chillies, pudina and other masala and a sweet chutney. It is pretty easy to find this dish in India’s streets. Try it at a famous place and you’ll fall in love with it. Another ‘chaat’ you could have is Bhel Puri, Sev Puri and the variants of it. It has puffed rice, raw mangoes and a variety of things that make it finger-licking amazing.


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Delhi is most famous for its chole. People have chole for breakfast or as a snack – chole lovers have it as dinner or lunch too. Delhi offers variety of chats along the roads. But this is mouth-watering. It goes well with onions and lemon.


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This dish comes from the heart of Maharashtra and it very famous across the country. The deep fried potato mix known as ‘vada’ is stuffed inside Pav (Indian bread). It is served with garlic chutney or fried green chilies. The other varieties of  street foods that have Pav are Pav Bhaji, Misal Pav – and many more.


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The famous dish from Karnataka is often found in street food stalls. It looks like stuffed Roti. It is served with pickles or coconut chutney. This dish from Southern India has a unique taste to it and you must try to give your taste buds a treat.


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The dish that originated in Gujarat is a hot favourite in the neighboring states as well. Dabeli has special spices, a potato mix (also available in Jain variation), spiced groundnuts, served with two kinds of chutneys and other garnishing with Pav.

Indulge in these street foods for an unforgettable food journey! Don’t forget to share the article.

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