6 Shocking Facts About The World’s Largest Terrorist Organisation ISIS


ISIS, abbreviated as Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or Levant is the most powerful and resourced terrorist organization in the world. In its in initial days, it allied with Al-Qaeda during the Iraqi insurgency in 2003.

Here are some shocking and unknown facts about ISIS:

1) ISIS in itself works as an organized country:

ISIS has laws. In areas where ISIS has established its rule, it works in a proper governed manner. In all the areas controlled by the ISIS, there is a cabinet, governors, financial and legislative bodies. Baghdadi is the caliph of ISIS, which has 12 governors who have the authority over finance, leadership, military, law, security, media etc.

2) Recruitment is done by ISIS globally only through social media:

ISIS has made their profile on the social media. As per statistics, in the year of 2015 ISIS recruited 20,000 converts from around the world. Till now ISIS has managed to recruit people from more than 90 countries. ISIS follows only one agenda and it has the capacity of brainwashing anyone, using highly manipulative skills.


3) ISIS regularly uploads video of beheading:

ISIS has a habit of regularly releasing videos of beheadings on the social media. They orchestrate the feeling of fear among the people who watch the execution. In most of the videos there is a famous executioner called ‘Jihadi John’ who has a upper hand in most of the beheadings. Jihadi John is a recruit from London. This is done only to keep their fear in the minds people in the world.

4) ISIS makes a lot of money in one day:

ISIS has captured half of Iraq and nearly a lot of land in Syria, this is how they have looted many banks, made extortion etc. ISIS looted a bank in Mosul where around $425 million were stolen. Historical artefacts are being robbed by them and sold in the black market. The way this organization maintains the expenses that their work requires. ISIS has also earned a lot in oil. There were speculations that powerful countries were feeding them. ISIS nearly makes more than a million in one day. Strategies on social media, recruit, guns, ammunitions, food for fighters etc need hefty money.


5) ISIS fighters say, “We are the agents of an upcoming apocalypse”:

ISIS agents called themselves the agents of the upcoming apocalypse. ISIS aims on structuring a caliphate in the whole world, focusing on extreme Islamic laws which was in the middle ages.

6) Israel has suffered maximum attacks from ISIS, and ISIS fears only Israel:

Israel is a country which has faced maximum number of attacks till now as ISIS wants to turn it into its core caliphate. Israel is surrounded around the border by maximum Muslim countries. Israel has adopted a policy of dealing with ISIS with lots of tactics and patience, with one motto in mind that if they attack Israel, Israel will respond immediately.

ISIS follows the ideology of choosing violence against those who do not agree with the philosophy of their Caliph. ISIS is a caliphate, the caliph or the current leader of ISIS is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who according to the standards of ISIS, is the next successor of Prophet Muhammad. The main aim of ISIS is to develop only a Muslim world.

Samyak Sheth
Samyak Sheth

A traveller and journalist who views the world wearing multi-coloured goggles. He believes that life is to live not to survive.

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