6 Supremely Interesting Facts About The Genius Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein, born on 14th March 1979 was a German-born physicist. Einstein has invented things in the history of modern physics like the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics (he discovered the photoelectric effect)  that have shaped the world of today.

Einstein is the developer of the world’s most used and prominent equation mass-energy equivalence i.e E = mc 

On his birthday today, here are some unknown facts about Albert Einstein:

1) Einstein’s mother Pauline thought that Albert is deformed and not a normal baby:

Photo: lichnosti.net

Absolutely right! Albert Einstein was not a normal baby because when we look at his discoveries, he cannot definitely be classified as ‘normal’. When Einstein was born he had a large head and was a fat baby. Then after some days, the doctor had to calm the family down, ensuring that the shape of the head will become normal and it did.

2) In childhood Einstein was a slow speaker:

Photo: history.com

Einstein spoke very slowly, as had a difficulty in speaking. Now the world speaks about him! He has overcome lots of difficulties in life and reached a point where his discoveries are a subject of a teaching for people. Until the age of 9, he could not speak at a proper speed of a 9-year-old kid. Albert’s parents had only one fear that their son was a retard, but some years later the doubt was cleared.

3) Einstein got his inspiration from a compass:

Photo: commons.wikimedia.org

When Einstein was young, his father showed him a compass when he was lying ill in bed. This compass, which grabbed his interest, piqued his interest in science. He observed that the needle of the compass pointed always in the same direction. This made him curious.

4) Einstein had many alleged affairs:

Einstein with his wife Elsa | Photo: successstories.com

Einstein’s nature in love life was similar like to his work life. Albert could not be a constant. After Einstein’s marriage with Mileva ended, he married his cousin Elsa Lowenthal. After that, Einstein wanted to marry Elsa’s daughter from her first marriage Ilse, but she turned down the offer herself. Albert also had an affair with his secretary, Betty Neumann, allegedly.

Einstein, while being married to Elsa, allegedly had six affairs, out of which one was with a Russian spy.

5) As per speculations Einstein had an illegitimate child:

Photo: independent.co.uk

The genius had an illegitimate child with his fellow former student Mileva Maric. The duo later married each other. The illegitimate child’s name was Lieserl, whom Einstein never saw and her whereabouts are still not known. All this is known now as everything was mentioned in Albert’s private letters. The daughter was mentally retarded, and then she died of infection with scarlet fever.

6) Einstein urged Roosevelt to make an atomic bomb:

Photo: historia.org.pl

Nazi Germany’s Physicist, Leo Szilard was able to convince Albert Einstein to write a letter, to USA’s President Franklin Roosevelt that Germany will be making an atomic bomb and was starting with its research and asking the USA to make one’s own.

It is after that reason Roosevelt started the Secret Manhattan Project, to develop an atom bomb.

These are some of the facts about the greatest scientist in the history of science, Albert Einstein. Don’t forget to share the article!

Samyak Sheth
Samyak Sheth

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